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CuddleBearXI--Do I know you?

Written by and edited by Wingless

Ever since October 1st, 2009, members were able to change their display name to something different. Along with this, Jagex also freed-up thousands of other names of banned or inactive accounts. Nothing short of an amazing update in the eyes of many players. But, every update comes with some down sides, some bringing greater negative effects than others. What could be wrong with a simple cosmic update?

Most would say there is not much wrong with this update. However, what happens if, after the 3rd name change, the name becomes totally unfamiliar to you and you forgot whom the person was? What about after the 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on? What if people forget who you are after so many name changes? Well...simply you lose touch with someone. Typically, people will stay in contact with very close friends on RuneScape of whom they spend a lot of time with and participate in various activities with on a daily basis, but what about those friends, who have always been friends, but never were really that close to you? You lose touch with them and potentially lose them as a friend. Of course, you could simply ask them what their original name was, but most people do not want to embarrass themselves or seem like a bad friend by asking that question. What do you do? Somehow coerce a memory out of them that would identify them? Quite the dilemma for many RuneScape players who have either come back from a long break in RuneScape or someone who has just lost touch. Personally, I have been on and off (mainly off) for the past 6 months; I have lost touch with many, many good friends whom after so many name changes, I just cannot remember who they are.

How does one do about responding to an article filled with questions that have no real, clear answer? Or does one skip all the hassle of dealing with these questions and move on, by deleting the friends they do not remember and making new ones and/or waiting for old ones to private message them, so they can continue their friendship? Even though this is "just a game" friendship isn't something to juggle lightly? It's a tough question with no real win-win answer. But maybe, just maybe, it's time for some of those people with 200+ friends to delete people whom they do not recognize and move on; or, in other words, a chance to move on.

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