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Super September?

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This Monday heralded a new Behind the Scenes, the sixth one since Jagex started writing these in April. They certainly are an interesting ploy to keep us players hooked, but as many of you would have noticed by now, the hype isn't always followed by results.

Remember the Desert Month? Then the Underground month? Followed by the random updates month and then Jagex finally caught on; those themes weren't really working!. Jagex also seem to have totally ignored the results of their May-25 poll, where close to 40,000 people participated and 90% of people voted against 1 medium update every week in favour of less regular updates which had more content. There goes the policy of the customer always being right eh? And don't even get me started on the farming poll who's results are “not being shown”. However without a doubt, September's Behind the Scenes is the most exciting so far.

The new prayers and cook-x where the two hot issues on the forums, leading to several heated debates and rantings. I enjoyed reading these posts and seeing the varied opinions and thoughts generated by the RuneScape community. I have always felt prayer deserved more attention and am glad to see something be added to them, but as a non-pker they do not effect me personally, other than to make me giggle at the idea of using the retribution prayer whenever some knucklehead kills me while I am mining in the wilderness. No longer do I have to hope pkers hurt their back picking up my ores! I have Retribution and can lay out one last slap as I exit. Muahaha.

Erm...Excuse me. As I was saying, I am glad to see prayer get a new boost with new abilities – long have players made tons of suggestions on the RuneScape forums as well as several fan site forums. I have hopes that one day we will get a prayer that knocks off anyone following you, or maybe a prayer that acts like many of our ales and beers work, boosting you up in one level in a skill for a short period. The possibilities are endless. Kudos Jagex, I hope this leads to more interesting and useful prayers in the future.

The cook-x issue brought up another round of debate on various forums, some of which got rather heated. Cook-x will be a hand saver for sure, the same as smelt-x and fletch-x were when they were first where introduced. I personally do not imagine that they will be a huge time saver and hence shouldn't disrupt the market. But that is to be seen. Smaller issues than this have turned the RuneScape market on it's back, bigger issues have not affected it in the least. On a game market like ours we can only speculate at this moment in time. One good thing talked about with this update is that foods that are more time consuming to create, like pizzas and stews, will give more XP and heal more health in the hopes that they become a bit more appealing to make. However “rebalances” have gone amiss in the past as some of you might remember… *cough* Fatigue *cough*.

Probably my favourite release this week was the Gnome shortcuts scattered around RuneScape. All told there where 30 new shortcuts released yesterday and I look forward to making several of them a regular part of my game play. They are small time savers that make travelling this ever growing map just a little easier. I am thrilled as I hate walking and anything to save me a step or two is greatly appreciated. The only one I have personally checked out was the shortcut at the ladder in the Taverly dungeon that lands you smack in the Blue dragons den. Collecting Blue scales for Herblore just got easier, venturing to the Black demons or Hell hounds just that much faster. Its about time Jagex finally got round to giving the Agility skill some real use to the general game play. See you next week, and remember Jagex, I'll be here at the end of the month to hold you accountable on what you have and have not delivered on your promises.

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