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Interview With SUOMI - PREVIEW

Written by and edited by Racheya

With Efficient gameplay becoming more and more prominent in "mainstream" RuneScape, the goal for 200 million experience points (herein xp) in every skill is a difficult goal, and there is much controversy surrounding it. Unlike traditional goals of, for instance, level 99 in a particular skill, attaining 200 million xp in even a single skill is a test of efficiency, consistency, and the will to actually achieve it.

It makes sense then, that the race to 5 billion total xp is being measured (among other ways), by the minimum amount of hours left for the top 15 players to reach the magic number. The leader, so far, is SUOMI, who has set himself a challenge as hard as his name is to type for anyone else.

Hobgoblinpie: A lot of people believe that you, if you continue gaining as you are, will be the first player to reach 200 million xp in every skill. Is there anything which could hold you back?

Suomi: It's nice that people think I might be first to 200M in all skills, but we have to remember that I am human just like everyone else, anything can happen. I still need like 15 billion gp from somewhere and getting it will slow me down a lot. Of course merching would be the best choice, but it's something that I can't stand so I'd rather do something I enjoy even if it takes many years longer. Anyway, 200M in all skills is just a goal, I am not saying I will get there for sure. I am going to take it one day at a time and see how far I get. It's nice that people believe in me though and want to help me. It feels great and makes me want to reach this goal even more. I really hope to see someone get 200M in all skills even if it's not me.

H: Of course, this goal is so big that it must have required a lot of thought. When did you decide that this would be your ultimate goal?

S: 200M in all skills has been my goal for a long time, like 3 years now. It has always been my dream since I started playing RuneScape 9 years ago, I just didn't have much time for RS at first because I wanted to finish school first. At first people didn't know if there was a maximum xp limit though, so I can't really say that it's been my goal since then. But, as soon as people started getting 200M skills and found out it's the max xp limit, I thought it would be cool if someone got 200M in all skills and "completed" the game. You can never really complete this game though. They could raise the 200M exp limit though and it would change my plans a lot but we have to wait and see. There will always be new updates and skills and you can't know when RuneScape is going to end but I am going to enjoy it as long as I can.

H: That's a long time to dedicate to a goal on RuneScape. Would you be particularly annoyed if someone were to beat you to it?

S: 200M in all skills has been my goal for so long that if someone makes it there before me I wouldn't really mind. I am having fun right now and that's what matters to me the most. So many people say that nobody will ever get 200M in all skills and maybe it's true, I don't know.

H: You mentioned that you don't merch for money. It's one of the best money makers, so is there a particular reason that you don't?

S: Well, I am sure I could learn to merchant if I wanted to, but I don't enjoy it at all and it makes me very stressed because I am a perfectionist and I am always trying to do everything perfectly. It's very hard to explain why I don't merch but I play RS to have fun and I don't find merchanting fun, so I am trying to get 15B some other way. Of course it would have saved me lots of time if I merchanted but in my opinion it's more important to do the things you enjoy.

H: Have you ever tried to learn to merchant, in that case?

S: I actually read all of Zarfot's guides, including his merch/flip guide and there have been lots of people trying to teach me to flip, even by telling me which prices to use and when to sell but it's not my thing. I hate taking risks so much, even very small ones. I know flipping isn't even risky if you know how to do it though. I've been thinking a lot about where to get the money for my buyable skills so if anyone has some ideas, please tell.


That is just a short preview of our recent interview with SUOMI by Tip.It Staff member, Hobgoblinpie. Make sure to check out the Tip.It Times next week to read the full interview!

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