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Interview with SUOMI

Written by and edited by Hamtaro

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With Efficient gameplay becoming more and more prominent in "mainstream" RuneScape, the goal for 200 million experience points (herein xp) in every skill is a difficult goal, and there is much controversy surrounding it. Unlike traditional goals of, for instance, level 99 in a particular skill, attaining 200 million xp in even a single skill is a test of efficiency, consistency, and the will to actually achieve it.

It makes sense then, that the race to 5 billion total xp is being measured (among other ways), by the minimum amount of hours left for the top 15 players to reach the magic number. The leader, so far, is SUOMI, who has set himself a challenge as hard as his name is to type for anyone else.

Hobgoblinpie: A lot of people believe that you, if you continue gaining as you are, will be the first player to reach 200 million xp in every skill. Is there anything which could hold you back?

Suomi: It's nice that people think I might be first to 200M in all skills, but we have to remember that I am human just like everyone else, anything can happen. I still need like 15 billion gp from somewhere and getting it will slow me down a lot. Of course merching would be the best choice, but it's something that I can't stand so I'd rather do something I enjoy even if it takes many years longer. Anyway, 200M in all skills is just a goal, I am not saying I will get there for sure. I am going to take it one day at a time and see how far I get. It's nice that people believe in me though and want to help me. It feels great and makes me want to reach this goal even more. I really hope to see someone get 200M in all skills even if it's not me.

H: Of course, this goal is so big that it must have required a lot of thought. When did you decide that this would be your ultimate goal?

S: 200M in all skills has been my goal for a long time, like 3 years now. It has always been my dream since I started playing RuneScape 9 years ago, I just didn't have much time for RS at first because I wanted to finish school first. At first people didn't know if there was a maximum xp limit though, so I can't really say that it's been my goal since then. But, as soon as people started getting 200M skills and found out it's the max xp limit, I thought it would be cool if someone got 200M in all skills and "completed" the game. You can never really complete this game though. They could raise the 200M exp limit though and it would change my plans a lot but we have to wait and see. There will always be new updates and skills and you can't know when RuneScape is going to end but I am going to enjoy it as long as I can.

H: That's a long time to dedicate to a goal on RuneScape. Would you be particularly annoyed if someone were to beat you to it?

S: 200M in all skills has been my goal for so long that if someone makes it there before me I wouldn't really mind. I am having fun right now and that's what matters to me the most. So many people say that nobody will ever get 200M in all skills and maybe it's true, I don't know.

H: You mentioned that you don't merch for money. It's one of the best money makers, so is there a particular reason that you don't?

S: Well, I am sure I could learn to merchant if I wanted to, but I don't enjoy it at all and it makes me very stressed because I am a perfectionist and I am always trying to do everything perfectly. It's very hard to explain why I don't merch but I play RS to have fun and I don't find merchanting fun, so I am trying to get 15B some other way. Of course it would have saved me lots of time if I merchanted but in my opinion it's more important to do the things you enjoy.

H: Have you ever tried to learn to merchant, in that case?

S: I actually read all of Zarfot's guides, including his merch/flip guide and there have been lots of people trying to teach me to flip, even by telling me which prices to use and when to sell but it's not my thing. I hate taking risks so much, even very small ones. I know flipping isn't even risky if you know how to do it though. I've been thinking a lot about where to get the money for my buyable skills so if anyone has some ideas, please tell.

H: As many people know, a large source of your money is from donations. This has caused a lot of controversy. Firstly, How do you go about getting donations?

S: I have asked people for donations previously. Actually have an image showing me asking Zarfot for a donation:


This was taken about 1.5 years ago when I was asking for donations. I normally always said the same thing when I asked for donations. Things have changed so much now though and I don't ask for donations that much anymore even though I still need 15 billion gp. People were getting really annoyed because I kept asking for max trade all the time. It was never my purpose to annoy people though, I always tried to be nice to everyone. At first I started by only accepting 10k+ but later changed it to 20k+. As shown here:


Of course, it's quite rude to set a limit to how much I am willing to accept for free and I feel bad about it. It was a slow way to make money but in the long run it added up. Also I have got so many friends since I started asking for donations. It's a bit stupid to get friends that way, but I really care about other people and my friends mean so much to me. Some people found it very pathetic to ask for donations though and I have had so many arguments about it but it's possible to see bad in everything I do and some people complain no matter what you do. So, I kept asking for donations even though there were so many people against it. I got so much hate even before I started asking for donations because I played so much. Unlimited donations are nice too but I'm getting a bit sick of free trade. It's sad to see so many players and my friends getting hacked and scammed every day and I wish I could have done something to prevent it from happening.

I've never forced anyone to donate or even try to manipulate people into giving me cash. Sometimes I might have been a bit too eager perhaps but that's it. There have been lots of rumours though and there always will be.

H: On the subject of scamming, have you ever been scammed?

S: Back in RSC I saw someone in the mining guild with a green Halloween mask. I really liked how it looked and wanted to get one for myself. I didn't know that much about the game at that time so I had to ask random people for help. At first I mined coal to get cash because I heard it was good money and started selling it for 100 gp each. I mined tons and tons of it just to afford my first rune full and green Halloween mask. Soon I heard I could have got 200gp each for all my coal but oh well, I should have researched better. Later my friend wanted to try out my green mask and I was still so young and stupid that I let him 'try' it. Of course he logged out after the trade and I've never seen him since. At one point I managed to get party hat set and Christmas cracker too by mining coal. Lost them to a scam too though - I trusted people too much back then. I also fell into many other types of scams too. I sold 12 r2hs once for 60k back in RSC. I actually ended up quitting many times because of the scams and I was looking for better games but I always came back to RS eventually. The Scythe was the only holiday item I managed to get from RSC because I wasn't able to play RS during the time that they dropped other discontinued items. I have never scammed anyone though and never will.

H: So you've 'quit' a few times then?

S: When I became P2P for first time, I wanted to quit after a month. I felt like quitting the game because all my time in F2P was kind of wasted and I ended up giving my stuff away again. I gave away my whole bank this time which wasn't that much but I had managed to get a green mask again and maybe about 300M worth of stuff. Mostly made my money by crafting airs, and I was one of the first players to get 73 Runecrafting in F2P. Things like this don't really matter much anymore though but I guess all the things I have experienced have changed the way how I play RS. After I returned to RS I had nothing in my bank and my friends didn't give much back even though they had promised otherwise. It was very frustrating to do everything all over again but it was my mistake in the first place. F2P didn't feel the same anymore so I started only playing P2P and slowly started getting 99s one at a time. I couldn't afford the buyables at first though. When I was almost done with my studies I started wondering if I could be finally able to start aiming for 200M in all skills. First I didn't tell anyone about it, except for some close friends. They supported my goal even though they didn't think it was very realistic. And I have to admit myself, it wasn't really realistic goal back then 3 years ago and it still isn't.

H: You've played RuneScape almost since its inception, anything particular you remember about RuneScape back then?

S: I remember when I started RS that Tks was the top player. Not many people probably remember that far back or even knew about the game back then. Tks quit pretty soon though and his stats weren't even that amazing but I still thought he was amazing player back then. There weren't that many hardcore players either, unlike now. I was going for rank 1 Firemaking in RSC but I had to stop at 17 million xp because school was taking up my time. I managed to stay in the top 21 Firemakers for 5 years though because competition wasn't like it is today. Nobody knew about the 200 million xp limit back then either. Also been playing so many other games but I don't enjoy them as much as RuneScape.

In RSC there were people who dropped logs on ground so I could light them, that helped a lot because back then you had to drop the logs so you could light them. I remember I used to train Firemaking in RSC with empror1 and Duke Freedom. Duke freedom was one of the richest players in RSC but later got banned because he was caught Real World Trading. Also I remember how Whitemagem used to smith me r2hs. He was the rank 1 Smither in RSC and there weren't that many players who could smith r2h which was the best weapon in F2P during RSC.

H: And what about Runescape 2?

S: I didn't like RS2 much at first; also I was f2p for like first 3 years so xp was a lot slower. I was actually like rank 3 in f2p overall before I joined P2P for the first time. Got to admit that ranks matter pretty much to me even though I don't normally admit it but they aren't everything to me. Soon after I joined P2P, Jagex released Slayer. It was very slow skill at first and I had almost all melee stats 99 before slayer came, was really hard to get 20K/h on average at first but Zezima still managed to get it to 99 really fast and he also got his 200M skills so fast, I remember being very impressed back then. I was hoping that one day I would be able to do that too but I was still busy with school and after I finished school I kind of dedicated my whole life to this game, people might think it's sad or might not understand how I can enjoy this game so much.

H: How many days have you played on your account?

S: I've played 850 days at the moment, which is like 20k hours.

H: You've only recently, within the last 3 or so years risen to prominence, so you must have memories of meeting some famous players?

S: I still remember the day I met Zezima. I only managed to meet him once at Fishing Colony in world 137 about 4 years ago. I was fishing monkfish back then (I wasn't always a big xp freak) and barbarian fishing hadn't been released yet. He was Firemaking there, probably trying to get away from all the attention. I said hello to him and was very surprised to get a hello back. He answered a lot of my questions, and I was a noob with only 100M overall xp back then. Soon someone started putting fires in his way and forced him to hop, never seen him since. Nowadays I do regret that I didn't ask him to add me but he would have probably said no anyway. At one point I had him added always just to see if he is online, never PM'd him though. Zezima isn't the only person who has inspired me though.

H: Aside from Zezima, who else has inspired you?

S: There are so many people and so many friends who have inspired me and helped me on my goal. Unfortunately I can't mention everyone and if I don't mention someone it doesn't mean I don't appreciate their help and it doesn't mean I appreciate someone more just because I say someone first

Paperbag - Your posts really impressed me, kind of encouraged me to do this interview too. You're really a great person and friend. So glad I got to know you better. When you first came to see me at teaks I couldn't believe it. You still surprise me every day by your kindness and really appreciate your honesty and how you're not afraid to talk about how you feel about things. You might not be the fastest or first to 200M in all skills but I really hope you make it. I wish I enjoyed using G.E like you do.

Jebrim - I see so much good in you too, some people will probably never see it. I still miss the times when I was going for 200M Agility. Doing perfect laps all day and sometimes all night was something I really enjoyed especially when I knew I had your support. And that 100M donation, didn't see it coming at all. You have been such a great friend to me.

Mi Thrill & Fire Dancer0 - Here is a picture of me mining my favorite gold rock with my friends Mi Thrill and Fire Dancer0.

Fire Dancer0 is on the left, Mi Thrill in the middle and I am on the right. I have been friends with Mi Thrill for 4 years and we got 99 mining together 4 years ago mining granite. Such a nice person and I feel so lucky and glad I managed to meet him. Helped me so much while I was mining, brought me lava titans and nature runes which saved me so much time. I wanted to get 200M mining with him and be next to him in the top 22 Mining. Memories like this are something which I will never forget.

Elias - He has been doing so great lately. He has been doing well for so long but of course people started noticing him more just lately when he got rank 1. Was very wise of him to go crawlers and if he gets 200M Slayer and RC at crawlers he will get lots of exp in Agility/Fishing/Mining from effigies too. That will help him a lot in the long run. Agility/Fishing/Mining will be probably made even faster in the future knowing Jagex. I wouldn't be surprised if Elias made it to 200M in all skills first even though it isn't even his goal. Anyway, it would be awesome if someone got 200m all skills even if it wasn't me, always wanted to see that since people found out that 200M xp is the xp limit. Elias is one of the nicest top players I have met, he really deserves the number 1 spot.

Allar (Aasiwat) - He also inspired me so much, he had most overall xp for over a year and didn't take the game too seriously. Also, he did most of his Slayer xp before turmoil/overloads/chaotics and effigies. That's very impressive. Shame that Jagex released effigies, it was such a pointless update and ruined so many people's achievements. Doesn't make sense that's it's more efficient to train slow skills camping monsters for effigies instead of actually training them.

H: Going back to your 200 million xp skills, care to explain how you achieved them?

S: I got 200 million Fletching xp by making magic/yew long bows because I was very poor at that time and nobody really knew about fletching bolts whilst training other skills, and bolts weren't as cheap xp as nowadays. After that I got 200 million Fishing xp by barbarian fishing with the 'Fish 1, Drop 1' technique. My third 200 million xp skill was Agility and I decided to do it because they had just done the Agility course updates and I really loved the course. After Agility was Cooking, and I did most of it with sharks, and when rocktails were released, I cooked though. I should have done Wines or 'Bake Pies' but I was really poor back then. Then I got 200 million Mining xp next because I had heard about the superheating whilst Mining technique and it was cheap Magic and Smithing xp.

I used mg w77 clan chat for most of my mining xp. I met so many nice people there and people always call the rocks which were up, which helped a lot with mining - was nice to see that people care about each other.

So I got 200 million Smithing xp and 200 million Magic xp after mining, mostly because of superheating. Then my friends encouraged me to get 200 million Dungeoneering xp because the skill was dying slowly. Plus I also needed the tokens for 200m slayer. I ended up with about 15 million tokens after getting 200 million Dungeoneering xp.

After 200 million Fletching xp I started going for 200 million Fishing xp and I started being more open to people about my goal and noticed people wanted to help me. I Started visiting ccs to ask for donations, I am not sure why I started calling them donations but I got lots of haters along the way of course but I also made many great friends who I will never forget.

I tried cave crawlers for like a week too but had bad luck with effigies and most of my slow skills are already 200m so effigies won't help me as much and therefore I went back to powerslaying. I probably won't be joining the "race" for rank 1 for a while because 200M slayer is keeping me busy and then I might get 200M Runecrafting after Slayer at cave crawlers. I am not saying that I will get 200m Runecrafting for sure yet though, I take RuneScape one day at a time and my plans might change.

H: What is your favourite skill then?

S: Dungeoneering gave me a really hard time. I found it hard to concentrate because there were so many things you need to consider and I really hate taking risks, even small ones. It wasn't my skill at all, probably the hardest 200M skill for me so far even though it was really fast.

It's really hard to say which skill I like the most, since I loved them all. Even Dungeoneering after I got used to it, it's not really a skill though. More like a minigame. All skills have their good and bad sides. If I had to pick one skill though, I would have to say Agility because it was very easy to train perfectly. I haven't been able to train other skills that perfectly. But I also enjoyed mining in the Living Rock Caverns because I met so many lovely people there, and the same goes for Dungeoneering. It's really hard to pick just one skill. I miss them all so much. The hardest part for me is always changing the skill. I would probably train same skill for the rest of my life if there was no xp limit. Of course that might sound sad but I just like boring and repetitive things, always did.

H: The thread which sparked this interview, the infamous '200M in all skills' thread, has caused many arguments amongst users about 'no-lifing,' in particular, how the top players, you included, can sustain themselves. How do you do it?

S: Money isn't a problem because I used to work a lot before I started going for 200 million xp in all skills. I invested my money and I don't spend much. But, I need to be careful that I don't burn myself out and take good care of my health. Of course playing as much as I do isn't healthy no matter how you look at it but I have lots of time for exercising and sleeping even though some people might think otherwise. Slept 12 hours today for example, what a huge xp waste that was, but I love sleeping and it's more important for me and now that summer is coming I will be cycling, running and swimming more. I can't even remember when I last time slept less than 8 hours. I haven't used an alarm in the last 3 years so I have always slept as long as possible. I am sometimes awake really long but that's just because I only go sleep when I feel tired and sometimes it just takes a really long time to get tired. I was cycling earlier today for 2 hours and really loved it. I also cycled 100 kilometres a few days ago. I ski a lot during the winter and I occasionally go to Lapland to ski - amazing views there. I've always loved the nature in Finland so much and that's probably one of the reasons why I picked my RuneScape name too. I have also won many gold medals from skiing but it was many years ago.

Some people usually think I eat fast food or stuff like that. I promised myself I would at least eat healthy if were to spend so much time playing this game. I haven't eaten pizza, hambugers, kebabs, chips or food like that at all in the last 3 years. I've always enjoyed healthy food more, so I eat stuff like potatoes, meat, fish, tomatoes, carrots, bananas, apples and oranges a lot. I drink like 2 litres of milk a day too, and people used to joke about that a lot. People have different eating habits though and we only live once so it's best to eat what you want of course.

Sometimes people ask me if I use drugs or something to play so much. I have never had alcohol or smoked. I've never used any drugs either. Never drank any coffee or energy drinks either. For some reason people tend to think I am forcing myself to stay up somehow but I just go to sleep when I feel tired.

So many people feel bad because they can't play as much as I do or gain as much xp as I do. Or if they aren't as efficient as I am. They shouldn't feel bad or anything. This is a game, it's meant to be fun. In my opinion it's good that they don't spend too much time on RuneScape, unlike I do. I don't want to encourage people to no-life even though I play so much myself. And of course I enjoy this game so much but I don't want people to feel like they should play as much as I do.

H: It's good to see that you've made a promise like that to yourself. You mentioned earlier that you play other games, which given the amount of time you spend playing RuneScape, seems like quite a feat. Which games would you say are you favourites?

S: Games have always been a big part of my life. When I was young I used to play PokÈmon a lot, back when PokÈmon red and blue had just been released. I have most PokÈmon games and I still play them sometimes but lately I have been only playing RuneScape and concentrating on it 100%. But sometimes I play other games too depending on which skill I am training. I also used to collect PokÈmon cards, as I was a massive PokÈmon fan when I was young. I played PokÈmon a lot and I always wanted to get all PokÈmons and train them to level 100. I joke a lot with my friends that now 'I gotta catch em all 200M skills'. I have always enjoyed roleplaying games so much, especially Golden Sun. There have been so many games I have played but I will try to just mention the most important ones. Command and conquer was also one of the game series I liked a lot. I always liked strategy games a lot too. I still sometimes play them while playing RuneScape, always loved the Command and Conquer soundtrack. It's great to play it with friends against other people on the Internet. I also liked the Heroes of might and magic series a lot. I played StarCraft and Dune series a lot too. The Diablo games are some of my favourite roleplaying games. I have them all and I'm still waiting for Diablo 3. I got bored of them pretty quickly though because it was pretty easy to complete the games. I have also played World of Warcraft a lot too. I have all the Warcraft games and especially liked Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, I have probably played it even more than RuneScape. There was this map called DotA you could play online, loved it so much but there was always people leaving the game just like people leave during Dungeoneering floors, it was really annoying. Played Final fantasy games too, great storyline and love the soundtracks. I also used to play Funorb games a lot, and I especially liked AoG and Arcanists. I have played GTA a lot as well, even though I don't like the newer versions as much as I liked the older ones.

H: It's clear then that you play a lot of other games, but, do you play other games with the same dedication with which you play RuneScape?

S: It's really hard to answer that. When I play games I usually try to fully complete them but of course there are different ways of completing games and you can't really complete games like RuneScape. And when I played those other games, they didn't give me any permanent rank or anything. Because I am perfectionist I usually try to play games perfectly but it's very hard to explain what it really means. But when I played PokÈmon I always wanted to catch all the PokÈmon and get all the badges and stuff like that.

H: Of course, your dedication is now being poured into slayer. Are there any particular tasks you are doing over others, or are you doing them all?

S: Xensure posted an accurate description of what I'm doing in the '200M in all skills thread'. Basically:

He mostly follows Vex's effigy slayer list that vex posted in his effigyscape thread, but sumoi also does other tasks that he "feels like doing." So those tasks are probably some combination of profit, effigies, and slayer points. He probably doesn't worry too much about charms since he will have a lot of melee xp left are 200m slayer.

H: I think this is probably the most important question of the entire interview. Why don't you change your name to something that players can type correctly?

S: I have thought about that but sometimes I can't read all the private messages I get and changing my name would make it even worse. I have had this name for 9 years now and I have so many memories with this name so it's really hard for me to consider changing it. I remember when the name Donation was free many months ago people kept spamming me to take it. I picked this name because you were able to make names with double spaces 9 years ago and S U O M I was taken but S U O M I looked pretty much the same so I decided to take it.

H: It's been great speaking to you, and I wish you luck with your future goals. Are there any people you want to make shout-outs to, or anything else you want to say?

S: I can't thank all of my friends because there would be so many friends to thank and I don't want to cause my friends any trouble for helping me. Some people try to insult my friends so they would stop helping me, and so I have decided that it's better not to tell any names unless they want to tell others. I've got a lot of images and videos though.

Old stat pictures

This one is from 2008:

And this one is from 2007:

200M skills


I can still remember the moment. I was shaking so much so I made the typo. You can't see me in the picture because I try always to do everything without wasting experience, that's why I normally never have any 200M parties either. I teleported away right when I got 200M Fishing Xp so Jebrim took the picture right after I teleported. Was a great day and will always remember it. It was great to have some of my friends there even though I didn't invite anyone because I have to admit that I felt a bit rude teleporting away like that.


Was great to have so many friends there with me and we were joking about me getting 54 smithing.

Also here is picture of my friend Jebrim and Skwysh getting 200M Agility Xp:


Was big day for me too and was so amazing how they all came to me so I can keep training agility.

This is a video of me achieving 200M Agility xp:

200M Magic xp:


Jamie aka Skiller 703 getting 200M Dungeoneering with me. It meant so much to me and he was one of the people who inspired me to get 200M Dungeoneering. I was dancing with him a bit after he got 200M dg, I don't normally waste xp like that. I have had that purple look since RS2 came, wanted pink instead but there was no option for pink back then and changing look now would be an xp waste, so I have to stick with it. Jamie was a very good keyer and I was so happy that he took me in his team when I had only like 90 Dungeoneering and he was already 120 so I was slowing him down a bit.



I have this screenshot from my friend, Aylar Liez. He donated me 310M after free trade came back and I have been friends with him for over 2 years. I even had the chance to meet him in real life. He's a really nice person and I am so glad I found him from this game.

I also would like to say huge thanks to Vasco for donating 500M+ to me, Ejaz donated 500m too. It's shame I don't have screenshots about these. Also huge thanks to Meister14 for giving me 1B+, he posted about it too:

"Suomi is not incapable of getting that money. Suomi could get the money for 200m xp on all... it would just take a lot longer. The reason I donate and believe that Suomi accepts the donations is so that he doesn't have to waste any more time collecting money. I also donated because I have seen what he is capable of and believe he will be the first to max out everything. Whats the difference between accepting donations and merchanting pre-free trade? (I was a merchanter pre-free trade... it required little effort and only demanded a log in two or three times a day... managed to get 1.3billion in f2p merchanting and thats nothing compared to other merchanters who were actually good at it..)

Yea I may be a fanboy for donating 1b before the last bonus exp weekend... but i would rather see that cash put to use instead of it just sitting in my bank collecting dust"


My friend Mi Thrill donated 50mil to me when free trade came back.

This is a video of my friend Jebrim donating 100M to me:

Also my friend donated me 100M today, was so nice of him. Really surprised me.


Here is a picture of my friend donating me 69 gp, it really made me laugh a lot. He has also donated 100,000 bronze daggers to me. I have no idea how he got them all, since the G.E limit is 100 every 4 hours. It was very impressive.

A Final Name donating a Hexhunter bow

My friend A Final Name used to a have picture of donating me hex but he lost it because his computer crashed. Anyway, he gave me the hex when I was around 100 Dungeoneering. I can't remember exactly which level. I didn't even know there was a soulgazer on that floor, I was so surprised when he showed me the hex in the trade screen. At first I thought it was his but it's not possible to trade binded items. I still have that hex it meant so much to me, I probably should have kept my plate bound but I never got a second hexhunter so I guess it was the right decision. We had 4 hexes in that team, it was amazing.


Me slaying with my friend Elvis. I trained Dungeoneering with him too. Really funny guy, he has some crazy real life videos too, always make me laugh hard. I have spotted him so many times while slaying which is kind of funny.

Donation technique

It was very complicated and nowadays if people want to donate I will go to them if they want. I am not sure why I made donating so complicated back then. Many people learned the technique though and I really appreciate that, they had the patience to learn it and did it just so they could help me. When I was training agility, I spent most of my time in Jebrim's clan chat and he knew how important xp was for me and helped me to teach other people the trade technique and explain it. Also gave me so many helpful tips for skills. Also this one time people came to barbarian course to use the rope just before I was going to use it so I would lose exp. They even followed me to every world but then Jebrim came and used tele other on them so they couldn't move and once they turned aid off he used the rope just before me and timed it so I would still be able to use it. Sorry about the long explanation and it might have been a bit confusing but I remember that day still so well and it really meant so much to me. He even came to me that one day to get 200M Agility with me. Also he gave me that 100M donation, I had no idea he was going to give me that much.

Other acts of kindness

I remember that I once asked Zarfot for a donation and he said to me that he would donate to me in spirit, and he really did. All of his guides and videos always inspired me. I still sometimes go to his cc but there is nobody there and I never see him log in anymore but my memories about him still matter to me so much.

Also I still remember the day Aasiwat aka Allar came to me when I was cutting teaks at Tai Bwo Wannai village. Aylar Liez was with me there that day too. Aylar Liez has been a good friend to me, trained so many skills with him and he has helped me so much. Brought me granite lobsters while fishing and lava titans while I was mining and has went to GE so many times to get me stuff and even met him irl, such a nice person.

Aribiterspar got hacked once and he came to donate to me right after that, was so surprised about that, didn't even ask him for anything and he wanted to help me even though he just had been hacked. That meant so much to me. He has so many helpful videos too on Youtube and I love his commentaries and real life videos. Such a nice person and he has helped me out so much. He even said he would tattoo my RuneScape name if I ever managed to get 200m all skills. Been hanging in his friends chat too, met so many nice people there.

When I was training Dungeoneering I wasn't really good at it, keying was especially hard for me because of the pressure you get from other people and they get mad at you because of nothing if you aren't Dungeoneering with the people you know. I was lucky to have these friends who would key for me and make teams, it meant so much to me and still does. I trained Dungeoneering a lot with Skiller 703 and Elias. Aylar Liez helped me with Dungeoneering a lot too. That hex donation I mentioned earlier from A Final Name meant so much to me too.

I remember the day I got maxed there were so many people who congratulatedme and got so many donations too, got that 1b donation too after I maxed. It was a very special day for me. I feel kinda stupid talking about donations so much but they mean a lot to me and it's just not gp for me, means so much more. Feels so great when people want to help me on my goal and I have found so many true friends from RS too. All the moments when people helped me or came to see me get 200M skills mean a lot to me too.

I met Lowlander50 like 6 years ago at F2P wildy ice giants. I was wearing rune full with an adamant kiteshield because I was afraid to risk a rune kiteshield. I still laugh when I think about it. He has given me so many different versions of adamant kiteshields. Really funny memory.

Max cape


I was going to get Max cape the day they were released and happened to run into Drumgun and Elias. Was funny that they happened to be in the same world and same place, had to wait for Max to appear so we could buy the cape from him so I had to waste some exp and was dancing with Elias and Drumgun. I used to train Dungeoneering with Drumgun too.

I have been using Tip.It forums since I started RSC but at first these forums were called something like Scapeboard but all of the accounts got deleted and they made this new Tip.It forum.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to Tip.It and to you for making this interview possible. I'd also like to thank my friends and everyone else for supporting and helping me. I know that I wouldn't be where I am without them.

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