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Quests: the FIVE Different Types?

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RuneScape features a world of monsters to kill, non-playable-characters (or NPCs) to speak to and different skills that allow players to make a living or simply have fun practising them. The game even features challenges such as the TzHaar Fight Pits and Barrows, challenges that test your strength of mind and your character's skills. All these things are great, but there's one more feature to RuneScape, something that's larger in scale in this game than in almost all other MMORPGs: quests! I myself am totally addicted to quests. I regret to say that I am only level 60 at the moment, with 616 total level, but that still hasn't stopped me from completing all free to play quests, becoming a member, then, in one week, increasing my quest points from 40 to 81! I have completed 36 quests, quests in which I defeated two level 100 monsters in a row and killed a level 150 black demon, without dying once. Maybe not a great achievement by some standards, but I feel pretty pleased all the same.

Anyway, less about me, more about quests. In games such as MapleStory, there are quests, but there aren't as many as there are in RuneScape. There are also quests in games like Eternal Lands, but they aren't marked so you can see them easily - they're not such a big feature. Then there are other games in which there are no quests at all! But RuneScape has over 100 quests, every one of them unique: in these quests you can fight dragons, demons, vampires, even a red wolf whose name is "Bouncer". Then there are quests where you have to sneak past witches, help lovers reunite and help goblins change clothes! These quests are the "official" ones, quests that are listed in your quest list. But have you ever thought about the "other" kind of quests, the kind that aren't listed as "quests"?

When someone asks you to do them a favour, such as do a job, sometimes that could be considered a quest, too. The word ‘quest' isn't reserved for the "tasks" that are listed on the game's official quest list. Several weeks ago, the Editor published a Tip.It Times article entitled "Nice work on the new graphics Jagex! Now, about some of those quests...". In that article, two types of quests were profiled: quests with puzzles, and quests with tough monsters. Those are two types of quests.

But there are three more:

  1. Minigames:

    When you play a minigame such as Castle Wars or Pest Control, you're really on a quests. In Castle Wars, your quest is to take the enemy flag and take it back to your own castle. In Pest Control, the quest is to destroy four portals and protect the Void Knight as he performs a ritual.

  2. Goals:

    Have you ever thought "I will now go on a quest for a dragon chain body!" or "I must get 99 in this skill before whatever time!"? I'm sure you've had ‘goals' before. These goals are quests in a way - even though you're technically not helping anyone, it's still a quest.

  3. Playerkilling:

    When you go player killing, you are going on a quest - a quest to kill another player and get a good drop, perhaps? Maybe. Or the quest to win a war against another clan or team? Even to win a duel. When you leave Edgeville or Varrock and enter the wilderness, you're on a quest to defeat your opponents, as well as survive the experience.

So, there aren't only those quests which are listed in the quest book. There are also the minor quests, the player-made quests and the minigames! This may interest some, and not others, and as The Editor once said (I'm quoting him - or her - a lot lately, lol) "You can please some of the people all of the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

Well, I've said my piece, and I hope I haven't bored you too much! *Glances at quest book* Ooh, wait a sec, I meet the requirements for Monkey Madness! Well, cya. Happy 'Scaping! *Runs off to Grand Tree*

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