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Welcome Home

Written by and edited by Hamtaro

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I never thought a glass of water would change my life. Since being banned from RuneScape that terrifying night, I was forced to find a new hobby to spend my free time on. Having played football (soccer to those from North America) when I was younger, I decided to try out for my school’s team. My school was always competitive and a contender for the championship, so naturally I was surprised I even made the team. I felt the need to be dedicated by having a more healthful diet. Being true to this, I drank a glass of water prior to going to bed one Saturday night.

Naturally, I felt the urge to use the bathroom, but was hesitant to because of my new found paranoia. I finally gave in and opened my eyes. Nothing. I breathed a sigh of relief and got up to use the bathroom, being careful to shut my door quietly on the way out so as to not wake my family. As I walked down the hall back to my room, something was off. My door was open.

My heart sank. I peeked into my bedroom before walking in and saw only darkness. I looked out the window to see a stray cat walking down the street. Relieved, I went to close my door. There He was, hiding behind my door. I stumbled backwards onto my bed, unable to speak or even scream. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and upon opening them again, He was gone. In his place sat my laptop, open to RuneScape.

Thinking I had been seeing things again, I browsed the news on the homepage for a moment. The update on top read “02-Oct-2007 - Cutting Edge(ville).” I thought back to what had happened June of the previous year. Edgeville had been where my character was killed when I was banned. I loaded up my favorite world and tried to log in. To my surprise, it worked. I logged in “You last logged in 488 days ago.” I muttered, “That long?” to myself.

I found myself placed in Edgeville bank. I noticed many new items on players I was unfamiliar with. I inquired as to what the huge swords were and was quickly told, “Its a armadyl godsowrd u n00b.” I cringed when I read his message. I had been away from RuneScape too long to be used to the atrocious grammar. Naturally, I set my public chat to “Off.” I made my way to Varrock to see that that, too, had received a graphical update. Someone was trying to sell a hilt they had just received as a drop. There was one problem. My public chat was still off, and he was no mod.

I traded the player to see what he was talking about and saw a Zaros Hilt. Interested, I told him to wait a moment as I opened my bank. I was amazed to see that I had accumulated a green partyhat, 1.5 billion coins, and several sets of barrows, mystic, and dragon armor. I paid the player the sum he was asking for and asked him how to make the full sword. He replied that I needed to buy the three Godsword shards. Before I had the chance to ask why I could see his messages, he was gone. I noticed I had lost track of time and had been playing for about an hour. I feel asleep around 1 A.M.

My alarm went off at 7:50. I forgot I had set my alarm clock to watch Arsenal play Sunderland at 8 before my football game at noon. After Arsenal's 3-2 victory, I was in a good mood, but tired. When my parents dropped me off on their way to church and lunch, I found out our sweeper was out with the flu. Our coach was worried because it was the first game of the playoffs. I filled in for him and kept the game scoreless for most of the game. Storm clouds collected overhead. With about 10 minutes to go, I saw Him standing by the woods. I stood there frozen. I heard shouts behind me and turned around to see an opposing player on a break away, but it was too late. Our season was over.

When the official called the game, I turned around to see Him walk into the woods. Not thinking, I began running toward Him. As soon as I reached the woods, a torrential downpour began. I began walking down the path and deviated from it about a mile in. Eventually, I came across a clearing with a single tree. As I entered the clearing, lighting struck the lone tree and I fell backward on my head. I saw Him walk up to me and lean down to grab me as I blacked out.

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