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Earn Your Keep

Written by and edited by Last_to_Kn0w

This week's update was a little fix; making prayer points match life points and adding a new potion to take advantage of it. For many players, the real update for this week was the bonus experience weekend, which could be considered a little fix with an enormous impact; Speculation affected prices months in advance because we knew what to expect, and when to expect it. It’s fitting that Jagex would update Herblore before a weekend where many players would be trying their hardest to get as much Herblore experience as possible.

Herblore is one of, if not the most expensive skill, and for good reason. The extreme potion update single-handedly turned it from a nearly useless skill to one that is a must-have for any high-level activities for one reason: You could not buy extreme potions. From that fact, it isn't shocking that it's the one skill that players choose for bonus experience: Players can get extreme potions much faster and much more cheaply than they would otherwise.

These potions were released during 2009's "Upgrade year", as part of a series of updates focused on high levels, a series that included the Living Rock Caverns, Kuradal's dungeon, and Ancient Curses; it continued into 2010 with Nomad's Requiem and Dungeoneering.

Of those, Curses, Extreme potions, and Dungeoneering equipment stand out for their effect in combat. The best items would no longer require a minimal amount of training and a large amount of money, but would come from training other skills or from quests and minigames, the most notable being Chaotic equipment (if you're convinced that DG is a minigame), Mobilising Armies’ rings, the Soul Wars and Fire capes, Piety and Curses, and the new hybrid equipment. Skills, on the other hand, would provide Extreme potions, Tiger Sharks (if players who can catch them actually use food these days), Chaotic equipment (if you're convinced that DG is a skill), and familiars.

Ultimately, Jagex seem to be shifting the focus away from random drops, aside from the very best gear, which is being made more difficult to get due to monsters themselves becoming more complex and powerful. Much of the equipment that is necessary to fight these new bosses comes from skills or minigames. This update is unique in the sense that the finished product can be traded - a great move on Jagex's part (words I never thought I'd say) because of the amount of people that will be training Herblore and Farming this weekend.

Speaking of which, what are you doing reading this? Go train Herblore!

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