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The War of Gielnor

Written by and edited by Jaffy1

~Chapter 1 - The War of Geilnor~

For many years the Black Knights have fought the White Knights in a state of constant unrest. The White Knights were influential, powerful and ruled a kingdom to rival all others. Very slowly, the Black Knights made their way into Varrock's royal elite and gained King Roald's confidence. Sooner or later, the White Knights would realize that their neighbours to the east were harbouring their worst enemies. The time came when a young Black Knight named Pryters led a raid against the Dwarven Mines, stealing many valuables including nearly a half a ton of gold and silver. The group then fled into the Wilderness, and as always, the White Knights chased after them. The Black Knights turned east and then south, towards Varrock. Worried that members of criminal gangs inside the city would shelter them, Sir Varze appealed directly to King Roald himself.

“We are worried that the Black Knights may come to your city and cause unrest and disturbance.” Sir Varze told the king.

“The Black Knights are not so different from you. The reason they constantly fight you is because they are simply jealous. You have power and much influence across the land, even the elves of the far west respect you.” King Roald replied. “The constant state of warfare between you and the Black Knights must stop. The few Black Knights that dare to go outside their fortress are continuously under attack by your knights. They are not the aggressors. I implore you to see reason. Cease this bloodshed. You are the ones fighting!”

“Milord, the Black Knights can and will destroy the fragile peace that has fallen over the kingdoms.”

“Will they destroy it, or will you, in your ignorance, destroy what we have worked so hard to achieve? Let me ask you something, do you consider yourself a king?”


“Well, whether you like it or not, you are. And with that leadership comes responsibility. You must allow yourself to listen to what you don't want to hear.”

“I did not travel here to be tutored like some child. The White Knights have always protected good. The Black Knights wish to destroy us, and have tried many times. They are the aggressors. The coming war will be for peace.”

“Bloodshed for peace makes no sense. If the time for war has come, then let it begin.”

Two heavily armed warriors burst through the doors and grabbed Sir Varze.

“The time has come. Any of your knights within our borders are hereby placed under arrest.”

The next day, citizens awoke to the sound of pounding nails as wanted posters went up. Sir Varze and his high ranking knights that were in the castle had all been captured and taken to the dungeons. The few that were still in Falador, were planning the rescue of their captured comrades.

“We may not like it brothers, but this is the only way.”

“Abandoning our armour in favour of the armour of the Black Knights? There must be another way.”

“Our spies tell us that the Black Knights are welcome in Varrock Castle, and even guard the dungeons which hold our leaders. Here is my plan. The Black Knights have promised the king a hundred knights to defend the city. We still have significant numbers that if we can fool the black knights into not going, then we can take their place.”

“Send out spies to the fortress, tell them to say the king told them that the northern borders needs defence more than the city does. He will not discover the deception until it is too late. Send an operative to the king as well, telling him that instead of a hundred, only fifty will be coming to aid.”

Amazingly, the deception worked and fifty White Knights marched toward the city. They were welcomed with open arms and some were used as guards for the white knights that were imprisoned. Some commanded the defence of the walls and others were simply employed as scouts. Formal war had not yet been declared, so the knights were not concerned by possible attacks.

Then after a week of the deception, the White Knights guarding the cells freed their leaders, and the whole city was in chaos. 48 of the 50 knights escaped along with their leaders. They returned to Falador triumphant and ready for a war.

In the mean time, smaller towns began choosing sides. The wizards' was with both sides; most choosing sides based on their hometown. Draynor Village sided with Asgarnia, with a certain party-hat wearing resident happy to watch yet another war unfold. Gunnarsgrunn and the Barbarians chose Misthalin, giving Varrock a stronghold on the west side of river Lum. Edgeville chose Misthalin, as did the goblins and other creatures. Finally, a severe shock to Misthalin, Lumbridge's residents, though the duke was fiercely loyal towards the king, refused to submit to Misthalin.

“We will overthrow the duke! We deserve this. The duke has taken advantage of us for too long. We will take care of Lumbridge. Attack the castle!”

“You must flee to Varrock, Milord. The citizens want you out. You must go while you can.”

“I cannot stay here, nor can I resist the will of a city. I will leave.”

He ran to the stables and grabbed a horse.

“Ride north, Milord. The king will shelter you.”

“Open the gate, in the name of Duke Horatio.” The gate opened and the scene of Varrock that greeted his eyes shocked him. Gone were the trappings of a peaceful city and replaced by catapults, ballistas, and hundreds of men guarded the walls, while the inside of city was filled with forges and rang with the sounds of hammers hitting metal.

“Ah, my friend Horatio, what news from Lumbridge?” asked the King.

“The city revolted against me, my forces could not hold against those numbers. Lumbridge has joined the enemy.”

“This is grave news indeed. So far this has been a defensive war. I will not allow that to continue. Already the enemy has gained a great advantage and freed their leaders. You will lead the attack against the city. This is our first priority.”

“Very well, I will ready your armies for battle.”

“Al-Kharid's forces will aid you from the east.”

He went outside to the military headquarters in the courtyard.

“Duke Horatio, I've been informed that you will lead the army against Lumbridge?”

“Correct. Ready them to move out.”

Wagons and carts pulling supplies and weapons poured of the city. The southern route was blocked by many obstacles. Iit seemed they had to fight every ten yards before they finally reached the Toll Gate and Bridge.The Dwarven Black Guard, sent south from the mines, was the first line of defence, occupying the eastern side of the river. Archers, stationed on rooftops within the city itself, were firing into the masses of Misthalin troops on the other side of the river. As the battle was joined, the warhammers of the dwarves smashed helms and armour, while the Misthalin troops had few successes. Then the wizards came up from the rear. They began to obliterate the black guard members and forced them across the river.

“Blow the bridge!” shouted the dwarves' leader.

~To be continued~

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