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Interview With Teezkut

Written by and edited by Hawks

As you may have seen, one of Tip.It's own was recognized at this year's RuneFest for winning the Real Life Clan Citadel Competition. We were lucky enough to catch up with him upon his return to discuss his love of penguins, RuneScape, and his amazing art, be it polymer clay or felt. Without further ado, Teezkut!

What inspires you to sculpt such amazing RuneScapian objects and characters?

Mostly - RuneScape itself - because there is so much awesome stuff around RuneScape that keeps me saying "WOW, must make this" every time. :P
When I see something interesting and I instantly get a vision about how it should look, [using] polymer clay, I will start working on it :P


What is your favorite medium to use?

I would say pencils and polymer clay. Nowadays mostly polymer clay I think. I love to pay attention to small details even if they are time consuming.
I also love digital art, used to create many pixel signatures and images, mostly in years 2004-2005.



What is your favorite piece, and why?

Favourite piece of my own works? I think it would be my latest digital art image for Runefest Gallery 2011.
Mainly because I wanted to be as detailed as possible. Yet I have still space to improve.


Click here to view a larger version of the above image on deviantART

But I'm also very, very proud about my "Draynor Manor - Before the Vampires." [It] was a lot of fun to work with it.
I love all forms of artisan art. And I'm thinking about leather art right now. I haven't tried this, nor [do] I know what it actually is, but I wanna do it. :D


Click below to view the work in progress images:
WIP 1 | WIP 2

You attended RuneFest again this year, and made an assortment of rune charms to give out. How many did you make, and how long did it take you?

Yes that's true. :) I made around 160 rune charms, 10 pair of earrings and 2 necklaces. Here is Mod Poppy wearing the blood rune earrings (photo taken by me)


It took me like 2-3 hours to make the rune stone bases but a lot more to add the details of every certain rune to the rune stones. The more I made the easier it was, since you will learn to make things to look professional, but also simple.
I only wish I had more of the rune stone clay. I need a sponsor :D The charms went out like crazy, people absolutely loved them.
Eventually when I didn't have any more, people were still coming at me, asking [for] rune charms. But sadly [I] ran out :(


How did it feel to have your art displayed at RuneFest? [link:]

It felt awesome, this was my first time, my art has been published on an actual gallery wall :P
Well, last time, my drawing was in the RuneFest players gallery also, but it was a collab of many RuneScape artists.
I would say though, this year, the quality of the canvas was pretty bad and blurry; the most important part about my image was the text. And at RuneFest I didn't understand any single word on it.
Still happy that I made that far. Can't wait to set it up around my house. :) There better be mod signatures on the back side of the canvas. :)

Why this fascination with penguins? About half of your RS art involves these guys, why do you like them so much?

They are just TOO cute not to make them out of any form of art... Whether it's drawing, polymer clay or sewing felt. They always come out cute.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Do everything you love and are passionate about, but never forget to try out something completely different.
Even if you are only a digital artist, I mean seriously, try out something different for the change, you will be amazed how great the things will turn out!

Thanks for your time, teezkut. Any last remarks?

Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure!
Nope, unless someone wanna offer me a P-mod place :D

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