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Presenting…The Items Database!

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As the murmuring crowd finds their seats, a man dressed in a smart suit crosses the stage. No one seems to recognise the mysterious speaker, but as his presence is noticed the mumbling noises slowly fade away. This is what he has been waiting for…he commences his speech. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen." The guests are listening eagerly now. Perhaps now they will find out what this press conference is all about. The man continues with a trembling voice: "I am excited to announce to you a project on which we’ve been working for years. It has finally reached release status. Today, we are proud to present, the Tip.It Items Database!"

As the words leave his mouth, a smile appears and all of a sudden his voice stabilises. Some of those present seem surprised, others appear to be excited. "You all know what I am talking about, some of you have been waiting for it as long as we’ve been working on it. Soon you will all have the chance to explore our newest addition, but first, please take a moment to welcome the team who made it possible."

A group of five people makes its way to the stage. Two head for the microphone while the rest find seats behind them. Misplacedme takes the lead. "It certainly is a thrill to stand here in front of such a mighty audience. The fact that you are all here means a lot to us. When I got the idea to start an Items Database, we were immediately given the green light. Of course, it proved a lot more difficult than was first expected…"

Misplacedme passes his microphone to his companion on the stage, known in RuneScape and far beyond as PkerDudeJr. "Ah yes, good times. Misplacedme, Eeeeediot and I started work right away. The plan was to split the entire item load between the three of us. This soon turned out to be mission impossible. Help from the community was badly needed, and so were improved database interface systems."

Misplacedme & PkerDudeJr leave the spotlight to make place for the third pioneer in this adventure. Eeeeediot approaches the stand confidently and takes the microphone. He pauses briefly while he sizes up the audience, remembering his time on the Tip.It Crew and playing RuneScape.

"It seems that since I retired as Crew Leader well over a year ago, Kiara_Kat has taken on the role of a super woman running so many things so efficiently. Kudos to her and to all the Crewbies and Researchers that have contributed to this unprecedented project." Eeeeediot pauses, looks at his notes, and continues:

"Everyone has a project that they are truly passionate about. During my time these included the interactive World and Wilderness maps before the release of the official map, as well as the now fully accurate Combat calculator. Projects such as these which are truly unique across the spectrum of fansites and that gave Tip.It the edge.

"The launch of this mammoth Items Database and the associated features marks a continuation of this tradition and is testimony to the true dedication, hard work and grit of the Tip.It community. My sincere thanks to all those who contributed!"

While the applause settles down, a young lady walks towards the speaker stand, giving Eeeeediot a hug as they pass each other. Not everyone recognizes Ks Jeppe.

She takes the microphone and, with a hint of nervousness in her voice, speaks ... "Thank you E", she begins. "Many of you might not know me, but I took part in the creation of this wonderful feature, and I must say that I am very proud to be here today and see the Tip.It Items Database go online. This is something that a lot of people have worked on for many months, years even, and... it's... Excuse me". The audience is touched as Ks Jeppe wipes the tears from her eyes. "It must really be something big for her," is heard being whispered in the crowded rows.

"There, sorry for that" she continues a few seconds later. "After I was appointed Database Development Manager here on Tip.It, I had the pleasure of coordinating the research department of the database as well as help with the serverside coding. I must say, I have never seen anyone work as hard or as much as the research team behind the database. They were at times hard to keep up with as they fired item information at us - and even with the great staff that Tip.It has, I personally don't think this database would have been ready for another year or two if it hadn't been for these great people. I think they deserve a round of applause." She takes the microphone off the stand and walks a few feet back, and a bunch of people walk up on the stage one at a time and stand in a line behind the five chairs. As they walk in, Ks Jeppe introduces them, some known, some not well-known, but all noted and respected for their work by the other people in the room:

4be2jue, Acasha, Ale_jrb, Ankh, Assassin_696, Attackyomom, Azntemplar_00, BiaBf, Bilbo, Black_fox_73, Blipo, Bodder, Bugz, Cadbury_egg, Cadburys_egg, Chaosbringer, Chaosgone, Condor85, Creepybacon, Damisel, Darkblade986, De_Lille_D, Deathwings, Djubbel, Dork, DroolMAN, E_D_G_E_1039, Evil_mumm_ra, Eyehawk78, Fastforce, Fedorca99, Fightfish, Frogspoons, Gerente, Ghost20123, Gugge, Guydabest, Harryp0tt3rules, Haup9, Headnazgul, Hellbellz, Hokap, IceBlackIce, Idunedain, Ikkipu, Jackalope14, JakeTheCat, Jaklumen, Jt Out2kil, Judgment_al, Jwrm22, Kiwi_pearls, Ladymax, Lalala7324, Lionheart_0, Lord Soultar, Lordjake, Lpinkus, Madchild, Manoman, Masterd99, Meta_Mucil, Mirrorforced, Misterxman, My_pet_worm, Oilertay, Ozercroc, Pauloino, Paw_claw, Pinguin333, Pirkka, Profins, Pure_MageUK, Razzzzzza, Rcty, Reich1337, Remoteman, Runicmage 89, Sab128, Satenza, Shantazzar, Sjiskebab5, Sk8erfreak, Stan18, Stanford, Stevepole, Stilev, Sunli, Sunmann99, Tallest1, Teh_soldier, Tetrisgod, TheEvilGizm0, The_best371, The_tallest1, Theslayer, Um bongo, Viktorkrum77, Vlad_the_old, Weasel10, Whitestrike, Wildmanoneoneone, Wurmskin, Xans_ghost, Xx screech xx, Zandalf, Zargo_VI and Zeekyhbomb.

"There is one person missing from this extensive list. He sadly passed away before he could see this feature go live. Please take a moment to remember our own Shiva".

Ks Jeppe walks back emotionally towards the chairs and takes a seat. The speaker steps forward to the microphone and continues. "Now, thanks to these enlightening speeches we know how it all began and how it turned out to be what it is today. Now…would anyone like to know what it does?" Before he can continue, someone from the crowd steps up and asks "It does things?" The man on the stage replies: "Of course it does things. What did you expect? A plain, old, ordinary database???" He grins, just like the rest of the crowd. "Now without any further ado, please welcome to the stage, bambino."

The speaker once more gives up his place for the last of the faces behind the database. "Good afternoon all. First of all we apologise for the lengthy speeches, I guess it is in our nature to be precise and elaborate. This is also reflected in the Items Database itself. Never has there been a database with such accurate information -- thank you once again to our researchers. " Bambino turns around and smiles at the group behind the chairs. "Together with them, and you, our users, we can continue to keep this database top notch.

"Our database isn’t only characterised by accurate information. It also has a unique sorting system. Every item is classified by a category and a sub-category. Powerful search applications will help you find exactly what you need, or what you wish to know. The compare items tool is an outstanding and unique feature. It allows you to select two items and view all of the information for both on one screen. This will definitely help you decide which item of the two is the best suited for you!

"As a final note, it is my honour to end this lecture. Please everyone, join me. " He nods to the remaining people on the chairs, they interpret the hint correctly and accompany him to the front of the stage. They all take each other's hand, and take a bow.

After shouting out "Enjoy!", they leave the stage, under tremendous applause.

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