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NOTE: We are also accepting applications for the "Editor" position. If you are interested, please read this forum thread for more information and send your application to tripsis in a forum private message.

The Tip.It Times cannot survive without a team of regular authors and editors. You do not have to be an experienced author to become a writer for the Tip.It Times, you just have to have unique and interesting ideas and opinions. For editors, we simply ask that you are a careful reader and have good knowledge of English spelling and grammar!

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Panel as an author or editor, visit this forum thread, find the section on joining the Editorial Panel full time, fill out the application, and send it to tripsis in a forum private message!

Still not sure if you want to join? Keep reading for more information!

How does the Editorial Panel work?

Each month, a Tip.It Times schedule is released for the upcoming month. Writers and editors are given specific dates for when they are expected to write an article or edit other peoples' articles. Authors are usually given one or two writing slots per month and editors are given one editing slot per month. Editorial Panel members may also request specific dates or notify the team of when they will be unavailable. However, once an author or editor is committed to a date, it is very important that he or she gets his/her article in on time or edits the submitted articles on time! So if you are not good on working with a deadline, this job may not be for you. However, authors are given plenty of notice before they are assigned a date, so there is always more than enough time to write an article and submit it!

Above all, we value authors who have opinions. It doesn't matter if we like or agree with the opinion, as long as it's something that is well supported and well argued. That's what makes for a good article.

Not confident that you can write full time?

If you are interested in writing for the Tip.It Times but are not confident that you will be available to write on a regular basis, you may submit a guest article! A guest article is a one time article submission. Simply send your article to tripsis via private message on the forum. Your article will then be read and edited by the Editorial Panel. If we like your article, we will publish it!

If you have any other questions or concerns about joining the Editorial Panel or submitting guest articles, please feel free to send tripsis a private message!

Do you have any thoughts or comments about this week's articles? Want to discuss these articles with your fellow RuneScapers? We invite you to discuss them in this forum topic.

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