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My Clan Experiences

Written by and edited by tripsis

Hey everyone, hopefully if you are reading this, you may be interested to know about the clanning side of RuneScape. If you are already part of the clan world, then kudos; maybe you will find some of what I say similar to the experiences you may have had in your previous or current clan(s).

My main goal for this article, is to tell those unsure of the clan world about some of the more enjoyable aspects of clanning. Truthfully, I still have a few buddies that I met on RuneScape, who have not once joined a clan because of the things that they hear and quite possibly, you may have heard too. The clan world we have now is not as you may hear, other than perhaps the amount of people participating in the clan world compared to years before. Some may say that there are less RuneScape players participating in the clan world because there are many of us clumped together; some may say that there are less RuneScape players participating in the clan world because lack of interest, or because of increased real life responsibilities. Regardless of whichever the cause may truly be, my goal is to help clear up a lot of the air about the clan world and maybe even spark some interest in others to partake in the activities of what the clans can offer.

Quite a few years back, I had just been told that my very first clan, Leagues of Shadows, would been closed down. This was a clan on the RuneSape Forums section. Upon hearing this, I was just a level 96 with very low stats. So I set out in search of a new clan and was stuck between two options: Genesis or Abyssal Demons. Genesis just had this intriguing name and quite an enticing recruitment topic. This is where my clan history would unfold.

Presently speaking, I am partially retired from the clanning adventures, which may seem odd for me to post since the main idea of this article is to encourage people to at least try a clan out to see how it is. Even though I am retired, I still find time to attend a few of my teams' fights. By the way, a clan and team are two similar groups, but for the sake of things, I would highly suggest joining a clan instead of a team as your first adventure in the clan world.

The clan world right now is competitive, although there is only a handful of clans that are stable. The truth is, the clan world has more people retiring than entering. By retiring, I mean people are unable to be as active as they may have been. By "entering" I mean people who would be completely new to the clan world. This is hurting the clan world entirely. In a few years, I can not say what may happen to this environment.

The negatives you have heard about the clan world, are not so true as you may think. Yes, there are people who break the rules and do things that, in my opinion, hurt the chances we have for any form of newcomer to actually stay in the clan world. It's frustrating. Those who do it, do not care about anything other than trying to affect the outcome of a clan fight. Yet, I have been able to partake in clans for six years without any trouble, which is why I believe people who talk negatively about the clanning community I have been part of for so long have no clue as to what is going on. You need to experience something, to truly get an understanding of what that something is about.

This next part is about Clan Wars Clans and Wilderness Clans (or a mix of), as that is the form of clanning I have the most experience with.

There is a fun and goal-like feeling to being in a clan. This is always something I remember hearing. "A clan is like a business, you have your employees to run the business, and the managers/staff to help guide the business."

Clans usually take interest in suggestions, which where you will see a clan shape. Through implementing new processes, you will notice the clan change. That is the fun in clanning, to see your clan rise and be part of that moment. The goal-like feeling is usually what I enjoyed whenever I was in the management part of a clan. Setting goals for your clan to reach and helping the clan reach those goals is a very interesting feeling, especially if those goals are achieved. The feeling of knowing your clan has just accomplished one of its goals is, as I would normally say, priceless.

The other form of fun in clans is clan communities. Not the clan world community, but a specific clan's community. While you battle your opponents alongside your clan-mates, you develop friendships and have, a lot of laughter shared amongst everyone. The most recent clan I was in was a clan I spent roughly 1.5-2 years in - however, on and off. They are an incredibly organized bunch and yet can crack jokes amidst a battle while still keeping up momentum.

Regardless! There are so many memories I could list out, but I shall stop here with just a few more things to say.
You can only understand the clanning aspect of RuneScape, if you are part of it or have been part of it.
If you are unsure about joining a clan just DO IT and see if you enjoy it or not.
In my time playing this game, majority of it was spent with clans. For whatever it's worth to those reading - I really enjoyed it. Maybe you will too.

Finally, if you would like to talk about things relating to the clan world, or just a general conversation, message me on Tip.It or whenever I'm on RS, drop me a private message in-game. My display name will stay Kenshn X for as long as I continue to be around. Thanks for reading!

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