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Wilderness Guardians' Seventh Real Life Meeting

Written by and edited by tripsis

For those of you who have done One Small Favour… imagine what that would be like in real life. Well, compare it to my train journey. I got off the first train and walked half a mile to the next station, where I found out it was closed for Bank Holiday Weekend construction. That was just the beginning. I seem to have terrible luck with trains. After at least an hour on the Underground, I finally arrived and got to shake hands with His Lordship in person for the second time.

I was TBK Amethyst, leader of The Blade Keepers. We had only recently ended a three-month rivalry with the Wilderness Guardians, but it didn’t stop me from instantly jumping on the opportunity when I heard WG’s 7th meet up was being organised. It would be my fourth meet up (two of which were with The Sabres) and WG's fifth meetup (the last of which was at RuneFest 2010). Since this seventh meetup we have also had two more: one held in Australia and the ninth held at RuneFest 2011. So with a total of nine meetups, I think it's safe to say that WG is definitely the clan who's hosted the most real-life meetings!

Day one was April 30th, 2011. We headed straight back to Lordy's hotel, as WG had two wars going. The first was a Clan Wars fight against Serenity. After a failed attempt at me giving one hell of a pre-war speech, the fight commenced – Lordy doing the fighting and me pointing out the piles and so. I don’t recall the exact outcome, but it was a fairly good fight. The second war though, was against RuneScape Dinasty. Five years ago, a WG vs RSD would have been a pretty even fight. Not in 2011 though – from the event recap I think RSD pulled around 100 compared to WG’s 30 or so. Neither of us was willing to watch the massacre, so we quietly logged out and left the hotel.

I picked out a Chinese restaurant for dinner and we had some light discussion over Char Siu (pork) fried rice about music, RuneScape, our clans and the clan world, and so on. And after that it was pub time. I introduced Lordy to the fine selection of traditional English bitters (a pint of John Smiths in particular). He got about halfway through, so I downed the rest of it for him in one. After drinks and sharing fun stories, we headed back to our hotels.

Day two we met up with Dog b2 from WG. It was mostly tourism – the Science Museum and watching Hubble 3D at its IMAX theatre (which was actually my very first time at an IMAX. It’s amazing). For the second time I was bribed into a haircut (the first was at Runefest 2010). Lordy paid the £37 for it, as I would be buying dinner and drinks later on. In the evening, we headed back to Greenwich, as it was my clan's turn for war: The Blade Keepers vs One. It was our very first war, and a terrible one at that – half of "TBK" were actually random friends of our warlord Vindicator. Half of us had range (against the rules), and the war was delayed around 40 minutes because of my terrible train luck. Ten minutes after it should have started, we were still on the train back – me trying to get the clan massed using IRC on my phone.

Lordy brought his laptop along and Josh used an office computer – they both attended on spare accounts, whereas I was literally using bags of ice to prevent my laptop from overheating. Some epic moments of the war were Lordy almost TeamSpeak Rant’ing Vindicator, and his epic comment after the war finished: “Last one to Edgeville is a Poison FA.” I laughed out loud at that.

We went for Mexican for dinner, where I had my first taste of a Piña Colada (which I actually REALLY enjoyed). A few burritos later, Dog departed for the night (and I gladly finished his Piña Colada off for him). Prior to his train, Lordy and I headed back to my place in Greenwich for a bit. I was absolutely swamped with the drama and flames coming from TBK’s war topic and Lordy was complaining that my choice of Chinese the previous night was greatly disagreeing with him.

Day 3 we headed up to Cambridge. I was one train behind Lordy because I missed his by about 30 seconds. When I arrived, I met up with the Bk2Lumby4Yous. Our first order of business was Jagex. The car journey there was hectic enough – one highlight was Lumby deciding to overtake a bus which was actually at the end of a queue to the traffic lights, thus bringing our car directly into oncoming traffic. En route we discussed how many times he had gotten points on his licence and how long ago he passed his test – me all the while thinking how utterly embarrassing it would be to die trying to reach Jagex HQ during a meet up with my RuneScape clan.

Upon arrival at their offices, Mod Slayer (the J-mod we were looking for) was out at lunch, so we stopped for food ourselves at a local pub. We had drinks and food (a full English for myself), while trying to decide whether other people in the pub were J-mods by shouting various phrases like “Wilderness” and “Dungeoneering”. No luck. We also went back to the city to visit an internet cafe for an hour or so for TinyChat (live webcams) with WG, as well as two deathmatches between me and Lumby. The first one I tele’d out in true no-honour fashion and during the second our sessions ended seconds before one of us would have died.

We met Mod Slayer at Jagex HQ and made our delivery of 3 WG T-shirts (bringing Jagex’s total to 29). She even remembered me from Runefest! The guys decided to go for a film after that, however I had a train to catch. The downside was I had left my bags in Lumby’s car, which resulted in him and I having to run (Yes RUN) the length of Cambridge with just 20 minutes before their film started. I think my legs are still in pain months later. Thankfully, I got my train and he made it back for the film in time!

And so, WG’s seventh real life meeting came to an end. We had a great and enjoyable time as always... well, up until the point where I returned home, logged onto RuneScape and found myself in Lumbridge with one less Rune set!

WG - Gene at Jagex

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