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Meet The Team: Tip.It Monster Hunters

Written by and edited by tripsis

The Tip.It Forum community sent the Monster Hunting Team some questions (see this forum thread), and now we're here with the answers! Let's begin!

Q: What does TMHT stand for?

A - tripsis: Tip.It Monster Hunting Team

Q: How does the TMHT differ from TET?

A - tripsis: It's probably easy to confuse TMHT and TET, mostly because of the acronyms. But we're really trying to stay away from labelling the TMHT as a replacement for TET. The Tip.It Events Team was largely focused on "for fun" events. They did costume contests, mini-game challenges, wilderness raids, congo lines, etc. The team was a huge success for several years. But lately, interest in these "fun" events seemed to wane. People were more interested in efficiency and focusing on levelling rather than going out and doing fun events that didn't help with their skills. Therefore, we started the TMHT. There is a huge love for monster hunting in RuneScape right now. People like doing it efficiently for profit, people like doing it in mass for learning or enjoyment, etc. The TMHT focuses only on these monster hunting events, whereas TET put on all sorts of "just for fun" events, with no focus on a single activity.

Q: Why did you join the Tip.It Monster Hunting Team?

A - Stev: For the ladies. ;) No, but in all seriousness, all I do on RuneScape is boss. The reason I boss isn't for money but for fun. So, masses which may not result in huge profits (but result in some good pocket change) are exactly what I'm looking for. ^^.

Q - Ellac: My question is for Ezkaton. Why did you join TMHT if you are the meatshield at most bosses?

A - Ezkaton: Well because you always have to try something new and do something fun! Yes I do find myself as a meatshield for bosses with 99 defence seemingly meaning nothing compared to others, but it can be a bit of a laugh at times! Especially Skype call bosses when I almost ALWAYS ovl very nearly into death. Also mostly I know what to do at many bosses now-a-days, and obviously Octarine and Drazhar44 throw brews at me constantly during boss trips!

Q - star_in_the_sky: Why let Ezkaton join if he's a meatshield?

A - Dragonkng198: Hey, we need someone to tank, don't we? On the off chance he doesn't tank, we can always have him make coffee for everyone else, Ian, when you read this, remember I have my coffee with milk and two sugars, kthxbai :D
A - Stev: Better him using brews then me! :D
A - Ezkaton: Oi ;) I guess they're both right! They need someone to tank and hemmorage damage... Also I thought the new coffee boy was Draz! :P

Q - star_in_the_sky: What was the decision over whether to use Lootshare or Coinshare at events?

A - Dragonkng198: There isn't actually a decision that says we have to use one or the other. Basically, we all agreed that while coinshare would be more fair in a larger event, if agreed upon beforehand, we could use lootshare instead. It's basically the host's decision, but changing it during an event isn't really a good idea, as it's likely to wind someone up :P That's why most of the time, expect coinshare!
A - Stev: I think this is down to the host and the boss selected. If I host Armadyl - which I've been waiting to do - I'd prefer to do lootshare. I've always been more of a lootshare kind-of-guy. If you use and abuse the LS system, you end up making lots more then using CS.

Q - star_in_the_sky: What measures will be taken to stop this from becoming repetitive?

A - Hedgehog: We try to mix up what bosses we do; we'll never do the same boss again until we've gone through most of the other bosses.
A - Ambler: We may add a twist to some events, wait and see... ;)

Q - star_in_the_sky: Will events ever have the group breaking off into smaller groups? (Sort of serious learning of fighting bosses). I believe it was done at corp but only because there were too many peeps in the hizzay.

A - Hedgehog: Crowds have been a huge problem in the past and we're looking at solutions. Splitting up into smaller groups is probably the best way to go.

Q - Fresi: Are there any plans on holding special non boss hunt events, Easter, x-mass etz.

A - tripsis: We don't have any plans for this right now. TMHT was created to solely focus on monster hunting. That's not to say we'll NEVER do anything other than that, but right now we don't have any plans to branch out. There are possibilities of doing castle wars events or something, but it is almost guaranteed that all events we do will be combat-based, since that's what the team is focused on.

Q - Zeno: Is Hedgehog really a 14-year old girl from Lithuania?

A - Hedgehog: No.
A - Dark_X_Nick: However, he is a compulsive liar... XD

Q - Zeno: When can we actually do a silly event, like killing some boss with bronze daggers or something?

A - Stev: I'm always down for these. Used to do random events with my old CC for "giving hope to noobs everywhere" where we'd do Bandos in rune, Saradomin in leather and bronze, etc. Loved it!
A - tripsis: Don't forget, if you have an idea for an event, you are always welcome to post it in the Team Feedback thread!

Q - Zeno: Why is the TMHT cyan, when they are a replacement of TET, shouldn't they be orange instead?

A - Bluud: We wanted to start fresh and not just completely copy or replace TET. We like to think of ourselves as a brand new team and not just something that was put in TET's place. The whole team agreed we would like a new colour, then voted on what it should be, and cyan got the most votes because it was good on all backgrounds and looks cool!

Q - star_in_the_sky: Do you have any plans to have some sort of voice chat present during events? That's be funny to see... hear.

A - Stev: I hope so. We have a TMHT Skype group, I wouldn't mind ringing them up during the events. I'm usually in a call with PvMS, which all TMHT are welcome to join! :D
A - tripsis: On a related note, we're also looking into doing some livestreaming on Tip.It! So hopefully you'll see monster hunts being livestreamed in the future!

Q - Kimberly: There are many TMHT'ers who are in multiple groups from various backgrounds (crew, clans, moderators, site administrators, etc). How is it for you guys when it comes to balancing all your commitments?

A - Ezkaton: Easier to balance TMHT with modding compared to everything with Uni work! Trust me :P But yeahs... I think it's easy enough.
A - tripsis: When starting the team, one of my hopes was that the TMHT would just be an extension of in-game time. So ideally it's not taking any extra time away from moderators or crew members. It's just giving them an activity to do during the times that they'd be playing the game anyway.

Q - Lokie: What makes you decide which bosses/monsters are slain that week?

A - Ambler: We generally take into account previous events, as not to repeat things and I'm pretty certain we have yet to do every boss possible yet. We will probably end up going through some sort of cycle, but repeat the most popular bosses more often ^_^

Q - benneburg: Hmm do you have any plans for newbie boss hunting, to put it nice? Some of us have never really done any serious boss hunting outside quests, and could use a pair of guiding hands to teach us a thing or five.

A - Jeremy841: I'm sure we could set something like that up in the future. What kind of boss hunting did you have in mind, and what is your combat level? It will be harder to take you to higher level bosses if your combat is really low as you have the risk of dying quickly, but mole hunting or something else might be possible.
A - tripsis: At some point, I'd definitely love to get a few "monster hunting workshops" set up, that are primarily aimed at teaching people how to kill bosses, rather than just killing them. We did something kind of similar with our Fight Caves Workshop, which was dedicated to helping people get their fire capes and teaching them the methods. I'd love to extend that over to general monster hunting!

Q - Tim: Are the time zones allotted to balance for both US/UK and AUS similar to how TET and TETAU ran?

A - Ambler: We generally try to give a balance to all time zones. For example, we recently had 2 Bandos events, one starting 6 hours after the other, which allowed different time zones to take part.

Q - Tim: Are there some of you who've never really done monster hunting on this scale before?

A - Ambler: Before I joined TMHT, I didn't really host/ attend huge events, however I always enjoyed massing. (Made my first 20m with a Bandos hilt drop in a mass years ago.)

Q - Tim: How strict is it for people new to the boss hunting scene, such as GWD Bosses including gear/equipment?

A - Ambler: If someone is blatantly leeching, we will kick if they refuse to take part, however we accept most gear options, as it really down to what a person can afford/ is willing to use.

Q - star_in_the_sky: Obligatory what's your favourite boss question?

A - Stev: Armadyl. Tormented Demons. Armadyl. Nex. Armadyl. Armadyl. Tormented Demons. :P
A - Ezkaton: Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak. :D
A - Ambler: Torn between Glacors, Nex, and Dagganoth Kings.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and has expressed an interest in the Tip.It Monster Hunting Team! The team will be available to answer any follow-up questions you have. We hope to see you at our next monster hunt!

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