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Dear JaGEx,

Thank you for the Rune Longsword. It was much better than the 50 gp I was told to expect on the forums! I really appreciate the free crap I get for logging in once a day. Maybe next time I go PKing I'll use that Longsword, or maybe I'll just sell it on the G.E.. I could also alch it with one of my free 30 alchs from my Explorers Ring 4 that I never use. One way or another, I'll make sure I try my best to put it to good use.

I say "try" because I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything in the game. You see, something funny happened a while ago where every 10 seconds, I lag for a bit. Sometimes I disconnect from the game, and other times everything moves quickly around the screen before I lag again. I checked the developer's console, and it says that my data in is 0. From browsing the RSOF, it appears this is my ISP's fault because a third of everyone else trying to play this game seems to be having this issue too.

But no matter, I'm sure it'll sort itself out. I'll also try to let my 'scaping friends know about that Rune Longsword, they'll probably be jealous. Well, that's if they can get my private message. My silly friends are having issues with their game; they put their graphics settings as low as possible yet they still only get about 4-9 frames per second. I'm sure their computers are outdated, since this only affects a large minority of people (probably everyone else), and they can't get a decent frame rate. I bet they'll be lining up outside of stores to purchase screaming fast rigs so they can play RuneScape like they used to.

Also, I know the players around me in game were so jealous when I told them about my Rune Longsword that they ignored me. It's funny, a little while ago everyone would acknowledge me when I said hello, now they all seem to enjoy grinding the game a bit more. In fact, they love the game so much they do the same thing over and over for days on end. I get feeling all nostalgic, since the game is exactly like it was half a year ago (well, sans the free longsword!); it's as if the other third of players aren't really people at all, but bots.

Whatever, it's OK JaGEx. We don't mind these tiny issues. They don't ruin our gaming experience. Also just to let you know, I'll definitely consider becoming a member for that adamant crossbow I saw I could win in a second spin, because all I ever wanted to do was have a shiny new metal crossbow for free from a second spin. A second free item every day will definitely get me to subscribe even though I lag so badly.

And as a side note, despite the fact I'm having so much trouble playing your game, I understand it's my fault and that when I'm not having trouble RuneScape is really fun to play. I'll make sure to tell all my friends in real life about your game, and how they need to subscribe so they too can get their two items per day. I know they'll all want that Rune Longsword, even though they won't be able to use it for about a day. They'll also be pleased to know that they will be able to use it their second day, since you lessened their grind and give them levels much faster than they historically would have received, even though the start of the game is the fastest part.

Your Loyal Players


In hindsight, I've decided that the whole F2P hiscore thing was over blown. It wasn't like the free community quit over it or anything. Also JaGEx, you should know that we're all jumping ship from our pure F2P accounts to subscribe for faster experience during bonus XP weekends and overall easier game play. It's not like we took pride in the challenges we overcame or anything, and that we feel easy experience is just as valuable. I'm also glad that all the free players I met along the way will be able to check my progress towards my first 99, since interacting with others and having communities is a huge part to MMOGs

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