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Newcomers at the Gates

Written by and edited by Tip.It

The Head Forum Administrator cautiously walked up to the Forum Gates, slowly unlocked the door, and called for assistance from the other Administrators to remove the bars. As soon as they finished, they quickly dove behind the registration desk. More and more people joined the steadily growing line, shouting and arguing with other newcomers as they struggled to register at the gates. Others felt shy and stood along the sides of the room for a while, then excitedly started chatting with a few of the current residents of the Forum. The Head Administrator shook her head at the chaos, stood up and cleared her throat.

"Pardon me, ladies and gentlemen..."

The noise grew louder as a newcomer's angry outburst was followed by a series of gasps. Before the Head Administrator behind the registration desk could move, a series of Global Moderators and Local Moderators alike leapt into action, quickly apprehending the foul-mouthed arrival. A few of the Moderators stepped aside to write a report of the incident to send to the Forum Administrators, while others saw to it that the others were calmed down and prepared to register for the Tip.It Forums. Before the Head Administrator could speak again, another incident occurred...

"Selling RuneScape characters!"

"I have RuneScape cheats for you all! Just let me register first!"

Again the Global and Local Moderators quickly leapt into action, once again apprehending the offenders. The Tip.It Crew busily built more guides and maps for the lost as this was going on, raising a few eyebrows at the chaotic scene before turning back to their work. A few of the Administrators got up from their desks to handle the paperwork of the recently apprehended offenders, jokingly telling the rest of the Administrators to hold down the fort. One of them shrugged sheepishly as he stared at a pile of Account Problems that included complaints of being locked out or being given the wrong key. Another was busily occupied looking through filing cabinets of reports regarding other complaints of unjustly banned from the Forums. Suddenly she let out an unearthly shriek, silencing the entire lobby for a few moments. Still holding a rather large folder labeled "Forum Bans" shakily in her hand, she hastily excused herself and exited through a door behind her desk labeled, "Employees Only."

The few Administrators that had gone to take care of the offenders sighed, showing the already shackled troublemakers out the gates. As they ushered the troublemakers out above their protests, a shifty looking figure snuck into the line. One of the Administrators guarding the doors frowned, and quickly signaled one of the Administrators at the registration desk. The Administrator that caught sight of the signal nodded, then calmly approached the suspicious character.

"May I see some identification please?"

"Of course."

Some onlookers watched, and other already registered members snickered. Before anyone could react, the Administrator whipped out a nasty-looking hammer and brought it down on the character. The hammer gave out a loud "SQUEAK" as it struck him on the head, knocking him unconscious. The Administrator sighed, handing the identification card to a nearby Moderator. She quickly asked the Moderator to write up a report as she dragged the Ban Evader out of the gates.

But still all was not peaceful. One person waiting quietly in line had a coughing fit, doubling over as he showed his identification card. Immediately the security team walked over to the man, saying that he would need to get rid of his infection before continuing. Despite his protests, the Head of Security walked over and sent him to the Infirmary. Moments later the patient re-appeared with an Infirmary report stating he was infected with a serious virus, and the security team gave him the correct procedure to manage his illness.

For a few hours now, the Administrators had being doing their best to handle the registrations when another Administrator came into the lobby. Some eyed her bow warily, as she quickly hurried behind the desk, apologizing for being late. "Made a good few shots today," she whispered to one of the Administrators at the desk.

"Oh did you really now?" he replied, not looking up from his scrolls of blueprints of the establishment. Now and again he frowned a little, then grinned cheerfully when he found the problem on the blueprints and corrected them accordingly.

"Yes, but I'm afraid I was almost caught this time. The chompy birds were certainly rough this time."

Outside in the courtyard marketplace, an Administrator was keeping track of things carefully, making sure participants weren't selling rotten or false goods. Occasionally she saw some of the Global and Local Moderators clearing away some of the stalls that were abandoned or closed. Sometimes there was a bad sale, but most were good.

Near the doors, some of the already registered guests were making a ruckus that forced one of the Administrators to get up and see what the problem was.

"The ticket machine is broken and I'm locked out of my room! How am I going to tell the administrators about the problem now?!"

The Administrator calmly tapped the machine, then tried to get a ticket to punch out. Nothing happened. Frowning, he tapped a little harder. Still nothing happened. Finally, he gave it a good kick, soon regretting it as a stream of tickets came firing out of it. Quickly he unplugged the machine, picking up the already punched out tickets and put them in a neat stack on a nearby desk. He requested those with problems to write up the problem by hand in the meantime while he set about fixing the confounded machine.

The Head Administrator was still struggling to speak, but with so much noise, it seemed impossible. Finally, she reached down, picked up her quiver and bow, then stood up on the desk. Some of the crowd looked up at her, then shrugged. Suddenly there was a flash of light, surprising the entire crowd as an arrow struck the wall, pinning a stunned guest to the wall with a thunderous "thunk." The Head Administrator calmly lowered her bow, then spoke in an even voice.

"Peace. Your noise will not make these procedures any faster. As you can see, we are doing all we can to keep this establishment in order, and we will process your registrations shortly."

As she spoke, one of the Moderators unpinned the unfortunate guest from the wall. He later ended up being sent away for degrading the establishment and it's staff. Some of the crowd shook their heads, tsking a bit, before returning their attention back to the Head Administrator.

"In the meantime, please feel free to look over our guidelines and some important information you will need during your stay here.

"I bid you welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Tip.It Forums."

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