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And now: Time for Something Completely Different

Written by and edited by Hawks & Vezon Dash

Dear Jagex:
I thought I would do something different. I will not rant over the frame rate issues, recent updates, or about bots. I will not complain about anything of the sort. In fact, I will do quite the opposite, something I have seen a lack of recently: Complimenting the company and the game.

The first set of updates I will praise is the armor rework and gnome graphics update. To put it simply, they are brilliant. The armor in RuneScape was something I had always felt needed an improvement. The simple recolor system was rather boring, but this new update added a touch of personality to each set of armor, especially the God-trimmed Rune and Dragonhide sets. They all look amazing. As for the gnomes, the area was getting to a point where a graphical update was required, and the much needed update brought the gnome area back up to standard. Thank you.

Let me shift into the Squeal of Fortune. There is nothing better than seeing a goblin flying across your screen and getting a chance to win (potentially awesome) free stuff. I admit, some of the rewards are quite lackluster, but it’s exactly what happens every time you kill a monster. Essentially, a wheel* is spun, loot is decided, and loot is received (or discarded). I, personally, have yet to receive any ‘good’ rewards, however the experience lamps really do add up. Thank you.

As for the Dominion Tower improvements, the gloves definitely needed an upgrade. The 1 hour degrade time was not sufficient enough to warrant their use, and the limit on how many you can own did not help the situation either. Even though they did have a fair amount of power before the update, I am glad they were boosted; this helps slayers and monster hunters alike. Sunfreet** was also fun! Thank you.

Also, the addition of the Potion Flasks was a brilliant update. The flasks help me and many others in our RuneScape lives, be it with boss hunting; PvP; or slayer. They also provide a nice bit of daily experience for those with the level requirements to make them. Thank you.

The new Tzhaar quest was also fun, and I learned far more than I expected to learn about Tzhaar lore. The Tokhaar-Kiln proved a challenge for even the toughest of RuneScape’s players, and even I didn’t expect the difficulty to be *that* much greater than difficulty of the Fight Caves. You shocked quite a few maxed players; I can tell you that. Thank you, and challenge accepted!

Taking it back a bit further, what about the Bot Nuke? Some may say it caused more harm than good, causing some items to shoot up in price and others to drop to an all-time low. However, I think it was for the best. Some bots may start to make a comeback, but I am confident that they will be removed by your doing once again. The amount of time and effort that went into the original nuke was probably immense, so thank you.

There is also the Bonus Exp Weekend that has recently occurred. It helped thousands of players to train expensive skills such as Herblore and slower skills like Runecrafting and agility. This is one the most anticipated events by all members bi-yearly. Thank you for continuing it.

Finally, there are a good number of people who support the following saying: “If it isn’t broken, Jagex will break it.” I disagree with these players. Although there may be some things Jagex has done that the ‘everyone’ dislikes, it is generally those that do not like an update that are more vocal about it. Many players quietly sit there, enjoying an update, and won’t say a word about it. Personally, I’ll just sit back, enjoy the update, and have some fun with it. If people want to complain about an update, that’s fine by me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as citizen of the RuneScape Community, I will respect their opinion.

Jagex, thank you for the nice things; there are lots of us out there who enjoy them!



*Note: This is the analogy that Jagex uses when describing how drops are decided, the wheel is just a visual example of that, much like repetitively killing a dragon again and again in the hopes of a visage, one day, the wheel may land on a lucky spot!
**Fun fact: “Sunfreet” is an anagram of “RuneFest”
***Note: My stance about Squeal of Fortune update after the update last week has slightly changed. If a player wants to spend real life money to level up a skill, they may do so without me making too much of a fuss. However, I do not condone the selling of RuneScape GP for real life money to fund the purchase of more Squeal of Fortune spins.

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