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How hard can it be?

Written by and edited by Kaida23

Most of you that have any memories of observing Jagex's doings, must have wondered if their proverbial left hand knows what the other left hand is doing. All too often do I find myself wondering if there is actually someone in charge of everything, or whether several teams simply get carte blanche for their little piece of the puzzle.

I don't mean Grand Exchange area sized pieces of the puzzle. Although one should wonder why a magnificent bridge from Edgeville leads to little else but a suspicious hole in the ground.

No, I mean the stupid-when-you-think-of-it stuff.

Stuff such as the Toolbelt. It's a magnificent update, and has made my life a lot easier by cutting my total bank trips in half, unless I'm doing a clue. So when this Toolbelt was added to Dungeoneering, I was even more ecstatic, as you could put in higher level axes and pickaxes, and you'd use them automatically. But why can I not add my Dragon Pickaxe to the Toolbelt outside of Daemonheim?

Recently all trees pretty much everywhere, from Evergreen to Maples to Magic, have had their makeovers. Be honest, a blob of odd shaped green noise didn't look very appealing, and this does. But when are the ones in my POH getting done?

Come to think of it, the POH as a whole could do with a few additions to make it worthwhile beyond level 75. It could be something as simple as Rune Case 3 for Law, Death, Blood and Soul runes. Or perhaps finally dedicate your altar to Zaros (don't worry, you can still call it Ancient, we won't tell).

There's more. How about a third brewing vat? A room with one of them ancient teleports to a random platform in the Wilderness? A farming patch? I could go on.

It's not just stuff to put places. It's skills as well.

To make up for the lack of diversity and power, Ranging was made to be as effective as Magic in PVP combat, sort of. Bola's and Chinchompa's emulate a role that is put away for Binds and Ancient Magicks, and are therefore considered the poor man's alternative.

But Jagex have shot themselves in the foot with the introduction of Storm of Armadyl. There is now a Lucky Divine spin's chance on the Squeal that the Range skill will catch up. I'd say let the Ranging skill stick to its cheap long-range high-accuracy thing. And Magic will do what it does best: power!

Mining used to be a series of 1-hit wonders, but Concentrated Ores in the Living Rock Caverns changed that to be an AFK-able skill like Woodcutting. And did they start carefully, with ores such as Iron? No, they went all-in and put the most wanted ores besides Runite in. This would've been a good day to have the walls of the cubicles a wee bit higher.

Speaking of Coal, how come the idea to make Charcoal from wood using the Firemaking skill still hasn't been copied from the Clan Citadels down to the rest of RuneScape? Seems to me that this would make Firemaking much more useful than a bunch of Bonfires, which by the way could have been made to look as good as the one you use to summon Sk├Âll.

Oh, and can you finally decide what the highest level food should be? Cooking is a skill that goes hand in hand with Fishing, but it also has a whole range of recipes to pick from. So whether it's going to be Swordfishes, Sharks and Stonetails, or Pizzas, Pies and Potatoes, pick one.

Moving on.

Many people rioted over its return. And while the Wilderness has had a massive graphical rework, I doubt many people other than bots and the odd penguin hunter enjoy it. Other than restoring the food chain which Jonanananas' article from April 1st talked about, it might also help to put back the player-jump prevention system that gave you a brief respite to escape with the loot after you killed someone.

And have you yet found a place to put the contents of the Gamers Grotto? This was supposed to be a temporary thing over a year ago when the Wilderness was reintroduced. Having seen how the wilderness is now much more "dangerous", I think you can put Stealing Creation and Fist of Guthix back where you found them.

And put the Clan Wars portals in, oh I don't know, the Clan Camp?

I suppose most minigames have one massive flaw. Trouble Brewing, for example, is simply too far away for people to be bothered with, but the game of Soul Wars is damn near unplayable.

Castle Wars has a great system to keep the opposing teams roughly balanced, but at Soul Wars it is possible to have a million people waiting to get on the Red team, and none on the Blue team. This results in the same amount of people actually playing Soul Wars as you would need to fill a suit.

Honestly, these are just some of the obvious fixes and ideas that should already have been implemented long ago, and frankly I wonder what's keeping the developers. Maybe nobody has pointed them out, or maybe they did and they got bigger projects to work on. Then again, some of this stuff is only a matter of copy-pasting or undo-ing a change. And how hard can that be?

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