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When is something being done?

Written by and edited by Hamtaro

This week marked the end of July and yet another month without the proclaimed bot nuke. It's been months in a row that Optimus has been promised to us and, so far, every month ends with disappointment. Every month Mod Jacmob says it will be the next month or we had a technical difficulty, but really? I understand it's a major project and unexpected delays come up, but it is also a crucial project for the game to survive. It cannot be continually put off every single month at the cost of the community.

Not only has the bot nuke failed to appear, but it seems as if the JaGex team in charge of banning bots is doing quite the poor job of keeping bots out of RuneScape. My friend and I have been tearing through Green Dragon bots in the wild to raise our kill counts, make some money, and occasionally take on the adventurous pker that roams through killing people just like us. In doing so, we hop to a handful of worlds to reap the most benefits from every bot we kill and weeks on end, the same gargled names are there, in the same gear, killing the same Green Dragons. Like really? We reported them in the beginning and just gave up as we saw nothing has been done. It seems there is nothing being done at all on either end of the spectrum. To put it into perspective, I attached a picture:

When is something being done about the green dragon bots?
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EVERY world is like this. There are a handful of dragons and, on each dragon, ten to twenty bots swarm to attack it. It doesn't even last one attack turn. Moreover, the bots' owners realize there are many other bots competing for the same kill and now wear offensive gear such as fire capes and Neitiznot Helmets versus their old rune gear in order to give their bots a better chance of getting the kills. It's utterly pathetic. How could anyone even kill Green Dragons for slayer in an English RuneScape world?

Green Dragon bots aren't the only heavily botted resource out there. One of the most outrageously botted spots is Red Chinchompas. Just to demonstrate how bad they actually are, I attached another image:

When is something being done about the chinchompas bots?
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It is like this in every hunter spot and in every world! Even if you report them, they do not get banned. As a matter of fact, there are currently 55 hunter bots with 200M hunter XP. Only fifteen total have been banned since June, that makes 70 200M hunter bots! Imagine the experience per hour when there are five or six people at every spot then imagine the amount of time it would take one bot to be live in game to achieve 200M hunter XP at those experience rates, AND imagine how many red chinchompas that single bot has dumped in to the market; not to mention they continuously bot after 200M. It is astounding and sickening at the same time. How can one blatantly miss this grotesque rule breaking? Red chinchompas used to be a very good source of income for low level players wanting to make money from a skill. Now, not only hunter but all most any other skill has no chance for making a profit. It really turns off new players from continuing with the game or leveling those certain skills.

I could go on for pages and pages with pictures and text about the plethora of bots. From pure essence bots to Fight Caves bots to new Revenant bots and to the prized Dungeoneering bots, it is outrageous. It sickens me and wants to make me dive in the depths of Daemonheim and never return to the surface, AKA go to world 77 and join in for those four hour dungeons, but it is filled with spam advertisers for dungeon selling clans unless I get a full private team to go to our own world. It sickens me to see so many rule breakers in this game that don't get dealt with. So when is something being done JaGex? I think it’s about time a lot of things are done, specifically bots, but one cannot forgot all the flower clans who run a massive Real World Trading scheme, one in particular charges $3,000 USD with $100 weekly commission to for a gold star rank in their clan chat. I know I am not alone in thinking this is just enough, the entire summer I have seen RuneScape full of rule breakers and people who ruin this game. The high level forums have been in an uproar about this for quite some time now and little has been done about it. Even with picture proof of all the bots, the 200M bots, and flower clan owner’s website that sells ranks, even when JaGex mods comment on the above mentioned threads, nothing is done. For the sake for the game, please JaGex, get in gear and do something or you will lose the legitimate players you have.

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