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Diary of a Clan Leader

Written by and edited by Vezon Dash

What I am trying to do here is show that clan leaders have lives too, and many clan members sometimes don't realise that. They don't realize that a clan leader can have a bad day too, and all it takes is one little thing... One little thing that makes a leader say "I've had enough".

With that set aside, I would like to start by saying that I know this does not necessarily represent all clan leaders accurately. What I am doing here is writing about one archetype of clan leader.

The character in this will be fictional and loosely based off of experiences myself or other clan leaders have experienced.

Secondly, I understand that it's not just clan leaders who go through trials and tribulations but also deputy leaders and clan members, which is why I would like to write similar stories of those in the future of this mini-series.

Finally, leading a clan is a thankless job, and many people don't fully understand what it involves and how stressful it can be at times. I am writing this as a tribute to all clan leaders who always do their best, do what they believe is right, and stand by their clan.

» Day 1

Damian opened his eyes to the sound of rain pattering against the window, somehow it was soothing. He laid there for a moment listening to the constant taps before dragging himself out of bed with a sigh. Drawing the curtains back and glancing at the sky, he thought of the day ahead of him.

He had work in a little over an hour, but that was okay. He rather enjoyed his job. The people were fantastic fun, and he felt good to have something to do. Half smiling, he set about getting ready.

Wandering downstairs with toothbrush in hand, he put the kettle on and sat down at his desk. Damian always checked in on his clan before work to show his face and let everybody know he was still around, asking how everybody was and generally keeping involved.

He knew that to some people this was more than a game. For them it was an escape, a way to get away from the troubles of real life and distract themselves. He wanted to make sure that his clan was a place where they could do that, where they could enjoy themselves. He was by his very nature an altruistic person.

Saying farewell to his friends, he set out for a seven hour shift at work. "It's not too bad I suppose, could be working the nights..." He chuckled to himself.


The clock turned five and Damian headed home. There was an event to be hosted at 5:30, and it took him at least ten minutes to walk home... Putting his key through the door and stumbling in, he put the kettle on once more, feeling parched and thirsty, then proceeded to his computer. "5:15 not bad. Hopefully someone has been announcing the events" Damian thought as he glanced at the clock.

"Hey hey!" he said as he logged in. He checked his phone, waiting on a text from his girlfriend. After being barraged with the usual "Hey boss!" from the clan he issued a reminder about the event in fifteen minutes time.

"Bandos?.. Inb4wecantfindworld" someone remarked. Looking up from his phone Damian informed everybody that they would be fine with finding a world and that he would be right back. He went out to the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea. Suddenly, a noise began. Smiling broadly, Damian rushed back to the living room in which his computer and phone sat. He'd just received a text and anxiously picked up his phone as he set his drink down and logged in to gear up for the event.

"Sorry can't make it today, so tired from work )= love you x" read the text. Sighing and rubbing his face, Damian shrugged off the disappointment and resigned himself to a night in, it wasn't so bad after all, he could arrange a trip to the cinema with his girlfriend another time.

"How many do we have for the event?" queried Damian. One person responded, but Damian knew better than that. There would be a fair few people attending and he didn't want to let anybody down, so he issued a final reminder and got his killcount.

"9 of us? Split teams?" Asked one member.
"No dude, you ask this every time shut up..." responded another.

Rolling his eyes and sighing Damian pulled each of them aside and spoke to them briefly explaining that everyone needs to try to get along and that the event was not scheduled as split teams and as such would continue on as normal.

"I know but this is supposed to be fun for all... 9 is boring" The instigator said once more.

"Look, I understand that mate but as leader I have to think about the majority and do what's right. This event was scheduled as a full team, you knew that when you came. If you'd like a smaller team, search the teamwork forums" Damian finalised.

He couldn't fully shake off the disappointment of the evening and could feel himself getting aggravated with people questioning everything when they had all day to read the forums to see what the events were. Regardless, he sipped his drink and continued on with the event, forgetting about the situation.

"Gotta update the points tonight before bed..." Damian said to himself as he hit a 612 with his Chaotic Longsword.

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