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Diary of a Clan Leader Part 2

Written by and edited by Vezon Dash

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» Day 16:

"Okay, no problem... Don't worry I understand" Damian falsely laughed, hanging up the phone. Work had just called him to inform him that unfortunately there were no hours for him to work this week. Damian worked as a sessional teaching assistant and so wasn't always guaranteed work, but he had been lucky recently and had a lot of hours.

"A week without work... That's gonna hurt the pocket" he moaned. Leaning against the kitchen table he opened the cupboards to look at what was in to drink, he was getting fed up of nothing but tea. "Coffee... Nice smell, poor taste. Apple juice... Eh..." Another disappointment today had left him feeling glum.

He sat up on the kitchen counter and moved his eyes upwards as he began to think. Today his clan had a major event in the JaGeX clan cup which required them to pull twenty people. Damian wasn't an ignorant person, he knew they could do it, but it would take a lot of nagging.

He hated nagging, but it was part of the job, and he knew if he couldn't handle the simple facets of leading then he didn't deserve to do it.

"Okay everyone, Round one of the combined cup today. Let's make ourselves proud by showing that we can get past the first round, but we need to work together" Damian told everybody.

Daydreaming slightly, the ringtone of his phone snapped Damian back to reality harshly. Scuttering to answer it in time he picked it up to hear his girlfriend on the other end "Hey" she said happily "are we still on for tonight?"

Damian's heart sank and he got a horrible feeling echoing through his stomach. Preparing himself for another let down Damian mustered his strength "Sorry babe I don't have the money right now, there's no work this week... We could have a night in though, watch some films and have a nice meal?"


No matter how hard he tried Damian just couldn't shake the sound of his girlfriends obvious disappointment out of his head. It bounced around the inside of his skull like a tennis ball.

"Lol we lose tonight" was the first thing he saw as he glanced at his screen.

"We'll never know unless we try. I think we could surprise ourselves" the leader said ambitiously. He knew he had to lead by example, he was the person everybody looked up to, and if he didn't handle things properly, how could he respect himself, how could the culture and community of the clan remain in tact.

After all, it was only one or two people causing issues. "Kick them..." He thought to himself. "No, I can't kick them without a valid reason, it just isn't right, and they have friends... It could really hurt the clan" another voice in his head responded.


7 O'clock came and Damian had managed to get together twenty people for the J Cup tournament. He signed into TeamSpeak 3 and tried to rally the troops without going over the top and making everything awkward.

"Thanks for coming everyone. The result today doesn't matter. It's about working together towards a common goal and having fun, so let's just do our best yeah?" enthused Damian.

"Someone help me what the **** are you all doing???" someone said in TeamSpeak as they were killed. "Oh my God I just lost everything you guys are useless!" he continued.

"Stop raging, this is a team effort and no one knew where you were, you're not helping matters here" Damian responded. He was so stressed right now; he still couldn't forget about his girlfriend, and his job. On top of that, he was trying to focus on Stealing Creation and control an unhappy clan member.

After several more rants from the same person, Damian banned them from the server and sighed, knowing that they'd lost. He then removed the person from the clan.

"You kicked Jason?" one of the removed clan members friends asked. To which Damian answered "Yes, he was flaming on TS and it wasn't helping matters, I've warned him in the past and he was dragging the community down, I have 56 other people to think of here, not just him."

Jason's friend messaged Damian, "55, if you kicked him, I'm leaving too."

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