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Diary of a Clan Leader Part 3

Written by and edited by Vezon Dash

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» Day 35:

Humming away to his favourite song, Damian smiled. The sun shone golden rays of light through the kitchen window which seemed to bounce off the magnolia walls. Today was a good day. For the first time in a month he felt great. He'd had a call from work confirming that they had more hours for him, his brother was visiting within the hour, and just yesterday he'd had a nice day out with his girlfriend.

Looking out the window once more waiting for his brother to arrive, Damian caught his own reflection. Striking blue eyes with clean cut short dirty blonde hair. He ran his hand through his hair and half grimaced half laughed. "Bad haircut mate..." he said to himself.

Damian had not always had short hair, in fact, he used to have long hair cut to fall over his left eye; however, he had to cut it smart for his job interview and still hadn't adjusted to seeing the new him.

His brother had managed to slip through unnoticed while Damian had been watching his own reflection and joked, "Give the guy your number if you like him that much." Looking over, Damian rolled his eyes and shook his head.


"Gold 4 U @ *****.com!"
"Gold 4 U @ *****.com!"
"Gold 4 U @ *****.com!"

"What is this!?" Damian howled. "Attack of the megatrons? Damn it! Do I have to be here 24/7?" Kicking the spam bots and wondering why none of his admins had handled the situation, Damian altered the clan permissions to prohibit guests from speaking.

Shortly after, a new user joined the clan chat. After noticing, Damian hastily loaded up their recruitment thread to see that the new guy had applied. "God I knew this would happen..." a voice said in his head said in agitation.

"Hey IpwnBandos I'm just in the middle of the Fight Kiln atm but I'll get someone to invite you as soon as possible! (="

Damian began to pm each of his admins asking if they could invite the new guy. Half refused to respond and the other half were busy. Growling to himself in frustration he asked the new recruit to wait a little while for an invite. At which point the guy left and removed his application.

Running his hands through his hair, Damian looked around the room pouting and asking himself if he'd chosen the right admins. He found himself having a conversation with himself.

Voice 1: "I'm gonna have to derank them..."
Voice 2: "But who can replace them?.. 55 members and we lack anybody with any real leading potential, depressing"
Voice 3: "Yeah and they're friends, they'd feel betrayed"
voice 1: "Well, gotta do what you gotta do really, friends or not"

Damian had always promised himself and everybody else that he would maintain a strong clan, maybe not the biggest, maybe not the greatest at PvM or PvP, but the best at what they do. He'd always said that he would derank anybody, even himself if he thought they were no longer doing the job to the best of their ability.

Snapping back from his little conversation with himself Damian remembered his Kiln trip and looked at the screen just in time to see a Ket-Zek kill him as his prayer dropped. "Oh my God are you serious?" Damian laughed at himself despite all the stress he enjoyed leading, he hated some of the decisions he had to make, but it was an adventure, a journey where he could prove himself, and make something fantastic to share with other people.

"What? Why am I losing my rank?" Lucy demanded to know. "I've done a lot for this clan!" she continued.

Damian consoled her, he did his best to defuse the situation. "I know you have, but you have to understand that I need people working with me here. This isn't a decision I 'want' to make, but it's one I 'need' to make. You're very busy irl atm and I respect that, I don't want to give you any extra added stress. When you have more time, there'll be a place here for you, until then, I have to give it to somebody else" he said to her.

Lucy sulked and accepted the decision, but Damian knew he'd just lost a friend. Disappointed at what he had to do Damian did his Squeel Spins and logged out.

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