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Issue 19999gp

Diary of a Clan Leader Part 4

Written by and edited by Vezon Dash

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» Day 89:

"Hey can we talk?" a familiar person messaged Damian. Lowering one brow and raising the other in anticipation of what was about the be said, Damian proceeded; "Sure thing, what can I do for you?"

"Damian! We need to talk!!" came another message, pushing the others before it out of Damian's chat log. "Sure thing, can it wait a second though mate, I'm just dealing with something right now, I'll get back to you, hold that thought."

Damian composed himself and began again with his first correspondence. "Sorry about that, I had a few messages other than yours, can you repeat that, I missed it :/." He hated making people repeat themselves, he knew that most people were impatient and didn't have a second to spare, even for him and those that did, they would leave out important information the second time around.

"Erm... Yeah I guess no problem I was wondering if we could set up an irc channel, it could be useful for so many things!" came the reply. Damian had never used irc before and as such was reluctant to have somebody set up an account under his clans name when he could not moderate what went on.

"I'm not sure, I've never used it before and I don't really have the time to learn to use it right now" Damian hinted, hoping and praying that the person he was speaking to had the wit to read between the lines and take no as an answer.

"That's fine, I'll manage it all, I don't mind doing it!" Shaking his head, Damian rubbed the sides of his mouth as he prepared to reply. "Thank you for the offer but I can't see it serving enough purpose to warrant you spending so much time doing it, we'll leave it for now and I'll think about it in the future." Being the kind of leader who enjoyed leading others to form decisions for themselves rather than outright telling people what to do, Damian hoped that this would finally end the conversation.

He didn't want to be seen as a dictator, and wanted to encourage people to see things his way, rather than force his way on them. Looking frustrated at the message he received once more, Damian stared in disbelief at his screen reading "Sure, we can talk again at a later date."

"There is no later date..." He groaned to himself. Sighing and turning to his second clan member who wished to speak with him, Damian reminded himself that this was not the person who had frustrated him and forced himself to play nice. "Hey, sorry about that, what's up?" he asked.

"I think Andy is botting... He is on 24/7 on world 6 and never responds." Taken aback and half hoping that the information was false, Damian checked the time. 11 O'clock, on a Thursday night.

Damian was far from stupid, he could put two and two together. The clan member in question attended school and should really be asleep now, but he knew that was not definitive proof of botting. Loading up Andrew's adventurer log, Damian noticed the member had risen from 94 to 98 strength in two days.

"Strange..." Damian thought to himself. If there was one thing Damian held in high regard it was fairness, and in his clan it was innocent until proven guilty. With one final attempt to redeem Andrew's reputation Damian loaded RuneTracker to check where the bulk of experience was in Andy's stats this week.

"2.6M hunter... 5M Strength... This just isn't possible in one week given his circumstances, hunter is a highly botted skill also..." came the thoughts in Damian's head. Once more however Damian argued with himself "Yeah but that's not proof, I mean what if you're wrong?"


It had been two days since Damian had kicked Andy when all of a sudden he received an unexpected message from him reading "Why was I kicked? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry."

Damian felt so harsh right now, he hated feeling like the bad guy, and it dragged him down. Breathing in deeply and trying to console himself, Damian answered, "You were found to be botting and we can't have that here I'm sorry, but really you're lucky you weren't reported, take care and good luck."

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