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Wise Old Man - Part 3

Written by and edited by tripsis

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They ran as fast as their legs could carry them.  They got about 500 feet from the dam before it blew.  A wall of water careened down the opening created by the explosion.  It hit the party of guards and Dionysus with the force of a charging troll.  But they were prepared for the onslaught, the group of trolls and chaos dwarves were not so fortunate.  Much of the camp was washed away, fire sizzling as the water hit. A few of the beings in were washed away as well.

Once the group of guards and Dionysus regained their composure and their breath, they ran towards the camp of the dwarves and trolls.  When they arrived, the trolls had indeed fled, as had the chaos dwarves.

“They’re smarter than we thought,” said Dionysus.

A rustling in the bushes was heard, and the dwarves readied their weapons.  However, instead of a chaos dwarves, a black guard dressed in the short black tunic of a messenger, appeared out of the brush.

“Sir, this man has killed six members of the consortium’s cabinet.  The surviving members are rallying the Black Guard to hunt him down.”

“Where are the dwarven loyalists?”

“The remaining guard members are unsure of where the rest of our order went.  They are believed to have left through a series of underground passages.”

“I owe you a great debt, Dionysus.  Our order, the Brotherhood of Miners and Smelters, has been known as the Dwarven Loyalists outside of it.  We have lain in wait, securing positions in the Guardsmen, and climbing our way up in the ranks.  We have estimated our numbers at three thousand.  We have waited for an opportunity to strike, and you have given us one,” said the leader.

“Wait, we're no longer focused on tracking down the chaos dwarves?”  asked Dionysus.

“I would have thought that with an army tracking you down, a more pressing concern would surface in your mind.”

“Oh, yes, the army.  Well, the truth is, I could take out that army and several like in mere minutes.  A whopping great problem like that is easy-peasy for me.  So many times I've wiped out my enemies, even the Saradominists have gone wary of me.”

“Well, then, prepare yourself.”

“Unlike you, I do believe there are alternatives to fighting,” replied Dionysus.  The large group, between two and three hundred guards that came to arrest him, were relieved that he chose to come quietly.  They knew of his power and feared it.

They brought him back to the city, and held him in jail cell that everyone there knew was merely a formality.  Had the cabinet members been thinking clearly, which of course being drunk, they weren't, they might of realized that Dionysus had a reason for not blowing up the city.  He had a plan, and with his plans, nothing ever goes well for his enemies.

As his trial began, he turned down the right for a defense lawyer, much to the disappointment of the cabinet, who were going to give him the worst in the city.  He said he would defend himself, and had a very good reason to.

I believe that I am not the criminal here.  During my stay here, at this lovely prison, I have studied extensively the texts of records of various unnamed persons.  Exhibit 1, an excerpt from a poor mining family.  'The Mining Consortium has once again proved their will and power by buying up the last of the free land on which so many families have lived and survived on.  The Free Miner's Guild is in their pocket, with several millions of coins paid out to the leaders each year.  The Brotherhood has dissolved, and there is no one but us left to fight for ourselves, and how can we if we're hungry?'  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a clear violation of Dwarven Constitution, which promises free land to mine at all times.  By buying this land, the Cabinet, and the Consortium have violated standing law, ignored for generations.  I present my second Exhibit, an excerpt from a wealthy landowner's servant.  'For so many years I have labored in these halls, watching my employer grow fatter and drunker with each passing day.  Do not the rich have obligation to pay charities, do not they care?  Free enterprise was once how they made their money, can it not be so for us too?  They have grown corrupt.'  I speak to the dwarves when I say, where is you cabinet now, drunk and incapable to rule.  All but one of the cabinet members are also Consortium employees.  They have taken over your world for too long!  Rise up and fight back, fight for the right to vote, to live and to decide for yourself what to do with your money.”

At this, the cabinet chamber erupted, dwarves attacking the cabinet members.  Black Guards were called upon, but none came.  The Brotherhood had called upon its debts.  A new cabinet was soon in place, elected by popular vote, with so many of the strong-willed leaders and great thinkers that turn Keldagrim from a squabbling mining town to a power on the world stage onboard.  As for Dionysus, he  was soon forgotten but to the few who knew him, known only as the Invincible Warrior with a Powerful Staff.  Before he left however, he cast a spell banning entry by trolls into Keldagrim, and as long the dwarves remain there, so shall it.

The Wise Old Man has had many adventures, some possibly on the shady side of the law, and I'm sure to be writing more, if I can allow the Temple Knights to grant me access to the archives.  The lore of Gielinor and the Legends of Runescape shall not be forgotten so long as I am able to pick up a pen.

Pryters, Master Librarian of the 2nd order of White Knights of Asgarnia.

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