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One Wild Christmas

Written by and edited by Kaida23

There once was a town called Single
Where a family waited for Kris Kringle
They sat near their fire
Burning with desire
While there echoed a holiday jingle

This family just moved here from far away
They had need of a new place to stay
Their old place was gone
Much history undone
When wealthy folks had their own way

Things had changed so drastical
Some of it quite spastical
It was hard to adjust
Adaptation a must
Yet Christmas had always stayed magical

At least that's what they thought
Cuz for this new place it ought
To have more than some snow
But how could they know
What horrors this town could have brought

Everyone here kept to their own
And while no hostility was shown
Few did interact
So what was this fact
that made them feel so alone?

This family did everything together
Cuz working in teams is just better
They made their case
to this new place
But that did not seem to matter

The situation looked bleak
With accusations of clique
This family was shunned
And utterly stunned
when one of them finally did speak

I'm going at it alone
Cuz had we all known
That staying single
Would allow us to mingle
We all would to this be prone

And so the trend was set
More and more went without regret
Those that stayed disgruntled
As families all over crumbled
But they would not forget

So as soon as Santa arrived
Of this situation he was advised
All families remain in doubt
But time is running out
Could their old stomping ground be revived?

We cannot yet know
But something begins to show
If a clan campaigns
Resistance wanes
So support continues to grow

I'll leave you with a happy thought
The solution that is sought
Is one widely endorsed
So that nobody will be forced
For only one type of opponent to be fought

I wish everyone, whatever your beliefs may be, an awesome end of the world, Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc... And a prosperous 2013!

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