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The HAM Letters - Part 2

Written by and edited by Hamtaro

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Letter IV: A copy of letter from Johanhus Ulsbrecht to Drezel, priest of the Paterdomus along the River Salve (Fifth Age, Year 163)

Father of Saradomin, order and wisdom be upon you,

I would like to begin by expressing my admiration for the work done by your eminence and fellow monks at the River Salve. Your daily efforts in purification of the river keep us in Misthalin, and the wider human world, safe from the designs of the foul and bloodthirsty beasts that dwell east of your temple.

The aim of this letter is a polite request. I am sure that you are more than aware of my organisation, and the commonality of its aims with those of the Myreque group. I am writing to ask permission for two of my agents, who go by the names of Brian1 and Walton2, to be allowed into the eastern lands. Both are well aware of the dangers of these places, and both are equipped such that they may deal with them. They are being sent to aid the struggling Myreque in their insurgency against monster rule. As a holy man, I am sure you can sympathise with these noble goals and will duly allow them when they bear you this letter, right of passage into the dark lands.

May this letter reach you well,
Johanhus Ulsbrecht

Letter V: A copy of a letter from Johanhus Ulsbrecht to Safalaan Hallow (Fifth Age, Year 163)

My Dearest Brother Safalaan, order and wisdom be upon you,

Should this letter reach you, it means that my brothers have come to your aid. As per your last letter, they came with all the aid we could muster – namely, 5,000 gold pieces and twenty bars of silver. Both brothers, Brian and Walton, are pious men of deep belief, skilled fighters and loyal to our organisation. They are under orders to obey you as they would me, and I anticipate they will be invaluable to you and your brothers.

I should also report to you the progress we have been making in recruiting, thanks to the testimonies you provided us with. The deacons have been reading the letters received from the suffering men and women of Meiyerditch in the nearby villages, and have been highly successful in bringing us more and more members. Such is our enlargement that I fear the authorities might soon be suspicious and, as such, I plan on hiring guards for our camp. As promised, the best among the new intake will be sent to your cause in time.

May this letter reach you well,
Johanhus Ulsbrecht

Letter VI: A letter from Safalaan Hallow to Johanhus Ulsbrecht (Fifth Age, Year 163)

Brother Johanhus, in the name of the most Venerable Master,

Your last letter was very well received indeed by us here in Meiyerditch. Both of the brothers arrived safely, in spite of the immense danger, thanks in no small part to the cooperation of our brothers in Mort Myre and their role in guiding them to our town. Already, we have in place a series of plans for resisting the Vyrewatch. It has been decided that the arming of the town with silver sickles to resist their tithe-taking and starve them would be no good, and instead a policy of targeting key figures would be a far better idea.

As per your last request, copies of the letters given to me by our only real ideologue3 have been enclosed. The brother is a part of the Mort Myre chapter, and over the course of many years my correspondence with him has been limited indeed. Nevertheless, here are the letters, though I must warn you that establishing contact will be hard.

Saradomin bless you,
Brother Safalaan


1 — According to our research, Brian is a former street urchin from the streets of Varrock, recruited into the HAM by a deacon a few years before this letter was written.

2 — Walton is a difficult to pinpoint figure, as all such people by this name on record can still be accounted for. It is probable that he came from another kingdom.

3 — This ‘ideologue’ is Polmafi Ferdygris.

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