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Issue 22399gp

The War of the Clans

Written by and edited by Racheya

Branches snapped as he ran through the dead forest. He had only a short while to go before he reached the Level 6 Wilderness where he would be safe. Suddenly, a great cold swept over him, and he knew he was done. They were on him in a flash. Swords hacked and bolts shot from the crossbows of The Looters, tearing into his flesh. He knew that he should have waited. Wildranger and the others would be just a few hours behind him. It had seemed so easy, running into the Wilderness, taking out a few green dragon botters and running back, but they had found him first.

Looters and Pkers had existed in the wilderness since its creation, but The Looters were different. They were organized. They had no mercy. They were a clan of destruction and death. They hunted the Wilderness, seeking easy kills and big drops. They stalked in groups or three or more, all bloodthirsty, experienced warriors. They froze their prey, shot it, and watched it fall, helplessly, to the ground.

The Clan of Lady Lyrnora was a large clan, but with only a few truly experienced warriors. The rest could hold their own against most monsters, but the experienced adversary they faced in the Wilderness was too much. The leader of the clan, Wildranger7, together with the deputy owner, Lyrnora herself, had recruited a powerful group from the ranks of the clan. Bongskull420, Sacker3, Devils Kandy, Lance Tarnia and zT DeFuZeD all joined the group. They were to meet in Edgeville.

Sacker had decided to go on ahead. He was a decent fighter and knew he could handle the Green Dragon killing bots that inhabited the Wilderness. He was currently regretting his decision to go alone. He fell, losing his spare set of Bandos Armor, and a Godsword. The money wasn't the issue, he had plenty of that, but the indignity of the death taxed his nerves. He was angry, he wanted revenge.

Back at the citadel, the rest of the party was preparing for the hunt. “Anyone seen Sacker?” Wildranger asked the assembled members of the clan.

“No, Wild, I don't think he got the note to go to the Citadel instead of Edgeville.” Lance Tarnia replied.

“Ah, that guy's crazy.” Wildranger said. “Why does he never read the notice board!?”

There came a knock on the door.

“Password?” Bongskull asked.

“You know no one remembers your crazy passwords!!” Came an angry reply from the other side.

“He's right Bongskull. Just the other day I forgot one and you kept me out for like twenty minutes,” added Devils Kandy.

“Fine, come in,” Bongskull said, defeated.

“I was waiting for all of you in Edgeville, when none of you turned up I got bored. I decided to go do a little bot-killing. I was set upon by the group we were planning to hunt. I lost my spare Bandos and my Godsword. It doesn't really matter about money, but I want revenge!” Sacker3 told them all as he came into the Citadel.

“Fine, grab your armor, we're moving out. Where's Bongskull?” said Wildranger.

“Here I am,” Bongskull said a little too loudly, emerging from a back room.

The first blood had gone to the Looters, but Lady Lyrnora would strike back, and in the coming days, the war would descend into unimaginable horror, expanding to other clans. The war of the clans had come... and it wasn't going to be pretty

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