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Dear Editor,

Before i begin, Ooooooohh!! who is this mysterious editor. (Goes to remove hood, gets slapped in the wrist) Ouch!, sorry.

Anyway now on to the subject at hand. I enjoyed this article quite a bit. It seems to side with my point of view perfectly. I am one of those people who enjoy any kind of update, no matter how menial or silly they are. But then when I get on this forum, or definatly the offical forums, all i see is (Insert Name of Update Here) sucks!

Today, i decided to peek in on the rants section of the official forums, today is the day the dark bow and dragon arrows update occurred. In case you were wondering, as of now there are 429,737 topics in the rants section, and only 92,598 in the compliments section, which shows the kind of community this game has, for the most part. I clicked in to find seven separate topics saying how the dark bow has single-handedly ruined Runescape. Since then it has died down but now there are still four poorly written topics.

What really bothers me is the fact that this happens for every update. A large group of players hop on, some before even trying the update, and shoot it down before it gets off the runway. When i was a member, i played and for the most part, enjoyed every update that I meet the requirements for. Of course most of the other players said they all sucked. Now i am free-to-play and am forced to watch this never ending war from the sidelines. If its not a new skill or extremely high leveled update, it isn't welcome it seems.

Contrary to popular belief, Jagex isn't trying to hurt us with each new update. I enjoyed the new looks of the towns, and i also like reading about the new quests and mini games. Many players complain about the "quality" of the updates, which cannot meet their high hopes of that super hard quest that they want. But guess who is the first to complain when there isn't an update each week, the same guys. I guess what I'm saying is, people need to take a step back from the game after an update, and think if its really as bad as it seems, and if it is, they could write a well thought-out discussion of why its isn't beneficial to the game and what could be changed to make it better.

Fellow Forum Member,
Free Steel1

Letter to the editor: A Plea

Throughout my travels in RuneScape, I have always been grateful that I met TipIt right at the beginning. I have always felt a certain pride to be associated with the educated Elite of runescape communities, always eager to help, happily HYTing and making sensible comments to one another. Recently, however, one particular tipiter comment really bothered me,

"If [someone] is stupid enough to [be scammed/lured/not read the update/etc], then they deserve it"

If I understand that correctly, then it appears that somehow all those illegal stuff is acceptable in our community, as long as the victim is below certain IQ, or that if the victim is below certain IQ, him/her deserve none of our sympathy.

I fail to imagine how us Tipiters, renown for our kindness and intelligence, would harbor such an idea. If someone is truly foolish, shouldn't we feel sorry for him/her, and more so when others take advantage this fool? Would you laugh at a blind man for walking into a pole? I would think twice about anyone so cruel (to the blind man), so how's the fool's any different?

Fellow Tipiters, this is my plea: We are all here for our love of RuneScape, of Tipit, and of each other. Let's be outward with this love, especially towards those that needed it the most - the fools, the newcomers, the young.


Did You Know...

...that you can still make tele tablets and enchantment tablets at POH lecterns when you are on lunar or ancient magics. You do not need to be on the related spell set to focus a portal, either.

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