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Gods and Humans

Written by and edited by Kaida23

After having seen Jagex's latest creation, the rather fantastic lore video, I started thinking about the so called gods of RuneScape. I have always been a bit of a RuneScape atheist in that I do not follow any of the gods, I even doubt some or all are gods. The fact that they have powers we do not have or even understand does not make them gods per se, but that is a different discussion. This lack of faith likely has something to do also with our character being placed in the centre of everything that happens on Gielinor, making it/us seem like the most important thing on the face of the planet. How can there be a god that trumps that? Who is the real god of Gielinor? Gutix, Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos...or maybe you and me: The Adventurer.

I might not be much of a follower, but I am all too human in that I have no problem doing the worst and weirdest things to help one of these gods if I get a nice (quest) reward. A RuneScape adventurer will often also be a mercenary. This makes me think of freeing Mother Mallum; I think most of us knew it was a baaadddd idea to open that door, but we did anyway. Is there anyone on RuneScape who does not use prayers because they hate Saradomin, or refuses to activate curses because they stem from Zaros? I dare to claim that even with so many players having a favorite god, their real allegiance is to themselves.

Maybe this is just me being weird and blurring the line between a game and real life to much. After all, it is just a game and who cares? Well, at least for the sake of this article I do.

In the old days it was simple to me, Saradomin was good, Zamorak was bad and Guthix kinda indifferent. With the addition of many more quests and a lot more lore, including more gods, the lines have blurred. The latest video is no exception. It, at least on the surface, seems to make Guthix be the god of mortals instead of balance. If so I might have finally found a god to follow, one that wants us to make our own destiny, which is something a lot of people like to think they can do on an MMORPG.

Lets assume I now joined the ranks of those who follow one of the gods, some players are quit fanatical about this, would that mean I want my god to win the 'godwars'? Does this mean I want to keep Guthix's edicts alive? Actually, no. I still want what’s best for me and my friends and what’s most fun, regardless of which god it is to provide this, and I think there are many other players with me. This does not change the fact that a lot of players, if not most, would be very angry if their favorite god lost!

I like logic, it makes things neat and tidy and helps predict the future. Lately predicting things regarding RuneScape has been a bit risky, since, at least to me, Jagex has been acting rather illogical at times. Maybe it is the all too human tendency to think something one does not like is illogical, who knows. What ever the case, I will again include a prediction, my batting average still isn’t bad at all.

I predict that no RuneScape god will ever truly win or lose.

If Jagex would write quests and lore making one side win big, this would mean all the other sides lose just as big. I can not imagine Jagex wanting to upset so many followers of the losing gods. This truly means the godwars in all their incarnations are truly endless...

Guthix's precious balance, if he is really about that, might shift a bit here and there, but never too far out. If Jagex makes multiple options we can choose from they could include a true end. I highly doubt it though, that would be a very short term buzz, followed by wanting more. A problem similar to those getting a max or comp cape and for a wile not knowing what to do next. There is an other problem with this. For most quest story lines there is only one of us, one Adventurer, there can not be a million different people who are THE hero of Falador, can there? For many other things however, we do interact with each other and a totally different set of experiences can seriously hamper that.

Knowing that Jagex's reasoning can be totally beyond my understanding and that they did lately annoy the *excrement* out of many players, I still think they will not let any of the gods win. Besides, maybe these gods have something to say about this themselves. It seems logical to me some of the gods, if not all, might feel this video is not accurate...that is if gods, like humans have a way of seeing their own truths and creating their own adjusted histories.

I was contacted by a person claiming to be a spokesperson for one of the gods, having a few comments to make about The origins of Gielinor. Why they came to me, I do not know, maybe it is because RuneScape revolves around

The spokesperson, one mister William Joel made the following statement :

“We didn't start the fire. It was always burning. Since the world's been turning.
We didn't start the fire. No we didn't light it. But we tried to fight it!”

I was not told what god Mr. Joel represents, but since he is short, stocky and balding with a beard, I suspect him to be a dwarf. This does not really help, as Dwarves seem to follow Guthix and the spokesperson added: "he had evidence from WikiLeaks that the video was paid for by the Taverly Tourist board and as such is biased in favor of Guthix."

It seems at least one god is less then happy about the origins of Gielinor, as presented to us in this amazing video. It could of course also be that there is a video clip on TV while I a writing this and that the lines between game and reality are blurring again.

I am only human after all...or am I?

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