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Letters to the Editor: June 24

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Dear Editor,

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with your point(s) of view in your article from the 27th of April, The Ditch of Stupidity. I believe there will always be that one group of individuals that ignores the advice because they haven't gotten hurt yet and assume they never will. It's life, it's bound to happen. We're destined to do things that we're told not to and we will take the consequences of our actions. This never-ending cycle of learning lessons the hard way will continue until the end of time. It's up to us whether we want to watch and learn from others, or learn them ourselves.

Also, I believe that gullibility is a factor in the success of a scam. And I have to give credit to the people who are successful at scamming, as much as I dislike them. Even the smart level 20 newbies will be decieved when it's a level 50 in full rune who sounds really convincing. At that "fresh from Tutorial Island" stage, a player can be unstable if they've never played anything like this before, and will gladly accept help. They have a desire to be better and stronger, and will take any assistance they can get. Beggars are the desperate people who never got any help, and have a chance of being more susceptible to scams. If there was such a thing as trimming, who wouldn't want their armor to be spiffed up for no cost? The greed of gaining more money or better armor is the bait for quite a few scams out there. We have a human nature to be lazy. We just all need to remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, and then maybe players will stop scamming because there will be no one to fall for their tricks. I wish to say more, but you have already mentioned everything else I would like to say.


Dear Editor

I would like to refer to the second letter you recieved last week.

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am not at all trying to 'attack' the writer of that letter, I am simply trying to express my opinion, like he/she is.

The scenario referenced by the writer was a case where somebody on the official forums was selling hunter crossbows, which are worth roughly 2k, for about 2 million each just after the Dark Bow update. Later it was revealed that the seller was in fact selling dark bows, but that is beside the point. What followed was a general agreement that if there actually was a scam and if you are too stupid or lazy to look at the front page to check that you are not being scammed, you cannot blame the scammer for your loss.

I would also like to make it clear that throwing a handicapped person off a wheelchair or laughing at a blind man walking into a pole is in NO way the same as somebody being scammed due to laziness or ignorance. The disadvantaged have not chosen to become so; most have no chance of ever becoming normal again. Making the people that disagree feel bad, if that was his/her intention, is not going to work.

In any case I feel it is absurd to feel sorry for stupid people. I don't want to side on either side of the nature/nurture debate, but I think we can all agree that intelligence is not purely genetic and that anybody can become intelligent if they work for it, much like anybody can pass an exam if they study instead of pitying themselves.

I also feel that this sort of love and pity for somebody who has lost their fortune through laziness is helping the scammers. This sort of 'it's not your fault' attitude is definitely not encouraging these people to read the updates page or check the price before they buy something in future. It is also not preparing us for the real world, where it most definitely is your fault if you don't read a contract before signing it. This is the same principle, in my opinion, as your 'Ditch of Stupidity' article published on the 27th April this year.

Kind regards,

Did You Know...
...that you can replace lost abyss pouches via the fairy ring abyss area - no skulling, no multi-combat, no PK risk, and Abyss demons here are not hostile to low levels.

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