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War of the Clans - Part 2

Written by and edited by tripsis

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The party of clan warriors was balanced, and out for blood. There were mages, with access to the magicks of the Empty Lord. They had a ranger, Petertitan, who had heard of what had befallen Sacker3 and rushed to help. In the duel arena, he was an undefeated champion in the clan. He held the bow of the elves, with the armor of Armadyl. The warriors all had on the armor of the war god, ready to spill the blood of the dishonorable scum of the wilderness. The war party left the citadel, and headed for the wilderness.

The sad land of the wilderness was once a great plain, thick and luscious with vegetation. The God Wars changed that, and the wilderness would soon see more bloodshed.

As the clan left Edgeville, bound for the deep wilderness, taking the fight to their enemy. They proceeded cautiously, wary of the ambush that plagued sacker3. They soon found a party of the Looters, with the trademark mage with them. Standard operating procedure dictated that they attack, freezing the warriors and hitting them from afar. However, things did not go according to plan. Bongskull charged, breaking the tension-filled silence in a moment. He slashed his whip, charged with the power of the abyss, across the face of the nearest mage. The mage threw up a ward just in time, and everyone paired off, fighting one on one. Both clans lost members, however, Lady Lyrnora won out, just. Of the 12 members that set out from Edgeville, only 4 remained. Among the looters, only their leader, a man named PkerKing23, was left alive. They teleported out of the wilderness, heading back to Edgeville.

In Edgeville, the Lyrnorans passed out the armor and weapons taken from the dead out to their members.

“Wildranger,” PkerKing23 began. “Come to our citadel, we need to settle this matter now, as opposed to killing each other continuously.”

“I will come on one condition, we are the victors of the recent battle, and will treated as such,” Wildranger replied. “Take us there.”

When they got to the citadel of the looters, it was in a sorry state. The walls were crumbling, and the door was barely on its hinges. The smell of rotting wood and damp was in the air.

“Welcome, to our magnificent citadel,” GodPker, the owner of the clan said in a sarcastic manner.

“You have troubles with your resources gathering, too?” Wildranger asked.

“You've no idea. I made this clan to be more than just killing people in the wilderness. I wanted to have fun and be a clan also. It's degraded into no more than a chat.”

“Well, it's not as if you do something good for Runescape. You may garner more sympathy if you weren't the scum of Gielinor.”

By this point, Wildranger had sat down several times on broken chairs. The citadel was really crumbling down around the Looters' heads.

“Listen to me carefully, or we will hunt through the wilderness until every last stinking one of you is to afraid to step over the wall,” Wildranger began. “We had a clanmate die in the Wilderness, because of you. This organized killing has to stop.”

“Wildranger, while I respect you for hunting down my most successful party, I must tell you that even if you shut down my clan, violence will only lead to more violence. It is better to fight no holds barred in the Wilderness than fight in the clan wars arena or in the duel arena. There are several of your members that could slice any one of mine up, however, I must ask myself, is that due to their items? I propose that we fight in iron, imphide and leather. That way we can tell who are truly the greater warriors.”

“Fine, no Zarosian magics, no food and no quarter asked or given.”

“In three days, be in Edgeville, to check. You check mine, I check your clan.”


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