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Behind the Scenes - April

Written by and edited by Racheya

Everyone knows at Tip.It that we're as awesome as we are immodest, but not even I imagined that Mod Mark would give us the Behind the Scenes a day early. We’ve decided to share it with all of you, so enjoy!

Fears of Guthix (Members only)

Just when you thought that was the last of Guthix comes an unexpected surprise. Spirits from the dead, termed Guthixian "fears" by mere mortals, have risen. Having heard of adventurers abandoning the faction of Guthix and supporting a different god in search of goodies and gold, they are seeking revenge by hoarding all remaining loot and hiding it. No longer will you find Guthix armour and items by completing trite tasks like Treasure Trails...

Assemble your team and delve deep into the wilderness. First off, you'll need a miner and a lumberjack to hack your way through obstacles. You will require the precision of Agility to safely clear obstacles for your team and the skills of Herblore to choose a potion that could leads either to progress or instant death. You'll require skilled fighters in magic, ranged, and melee to fend death all the while from an onslaught of enemies at every corner of the combat triangle.

Start thinking about building your team of seven carefully, because the death of even one member will lead your trip to certain doom. Shall you succeed, the spoils will be equally great! A 100% chance of someone receiving a valuable piece of Guthix armour! The only question is… can you make it back through the wilderness in one piece, or will squabbling teammates perish at the hands of merciless PKers?

Whack-a-(giant)-mole (Members only)

What's more fun than playing whack-a-mole? Why, whack-a-mole giant edition, of course!

All kidding aside, nearly seven years of depleting the giant mole population has not only brought their population to its knees, but caused them to go after your crops! By doing a short mini-quest, you'll unravel the only solution in the form of our newest Distraction & Diversion - giving those moles a light doink on the head!

Periodically, you'll receive a message in your chatbox when moles have decided to camp out in your garden for suppertime. Although farmers will do their best to keep your crops safe on their own, we strongly recommend lending a hand with your extra-large hammer for a bumper crop of extra Farming and Strength experience!

Professor Iled (Free players and Members)

As you may have noticed, we made a substantial upgrade last month to the forums and brought in some exciting new novelties including formatted text and colours. Although this might have been the most massive forum update we've ever done, we're not complacent so we'll be adding more!

He's travelled all around the net, so to speak, studying how players interact in online communities and particularly forums. We're aware that there is a substantial amount of spam in some of our forums, so from this day forward we have enlisted his help.

First on the agenda are eliminating the posts that players use simply to place the thread into their forum profile to have a convenient place to access them later. While we know players have no malicious intent with such a process, it clogs already popular threads and create spam. We're working closely with Prof. Iled to create a mechanism to manually add threads to your profile without the need to have posted in them.

Prof. Iled also brings along his assistant, Ani T. Roll. Forum trolls are annoying. Mutes and bans just aren't handling them, so we have a new approach. By bringing trolls to the verge of tears, Ani will have a much more morally persuasive effect on them and end trolling days once and for all, rather than them simply proceeding onto another throwaway account.

We are committed to making the forums a great place for the whole RuneScape community. Stay tuned and keep foruming!

Update on Flowers (Free players and Members)

Later this month, we're going to be removing Mithril seeds from the game, along with the various colours of flowers. Instead, you'll find occasional white flowers scattered around Gielinor. You will still be able to wield them, but any flowers of other colours will disappear. However, we will be making a set of custom overhauls, available in Solomon's General Store, for a variety of different colours. You can purchase them individually or buy a few together-such as the "Hot" or "Cold" packs-at a discount!


Mod Mark
Design Director - RuneScape

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What is a 'Behind the Scenes' article?

Behind the Scenes is a sneak peek at the planned game updates that we hope to launch in the coming month.

This, however, is only a plan, not a promise that a particular update will be released in a particular way or at a particular time. It gives time for players to slowly release their rage and for our F-Mods and J-Mods to clean it up, rather than an even bigger mess after a completely unexpected update. Updates may also be delayed, for instance, by upgrades to the Old School servers. We never meant for this to happen, but ever since Mod Thirteen has started taunting the small development team we hired to work on it, there's been all-out fighting to decide which version of RuneScape the J-Mods find preferable.

P.S. Since the death of Guthix, we've begun to think about things like life more deeply at Jagex. We understand it's not for everyone, but perhaps you could try reflecting the image below.

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