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The Sixth Age - The Age of YOU

Written by and edited by Hawks

After you finish the last quest it tells you: "I witnessed the beginning of the sixth age." All previous ages have been named:

The First Age was the age of Creation
The Second Age was the age of Zaros
The Third Age was the age of War
The Fourth Age was the age of Reconstruction
The Fifth Age was the age of Man

It stands to reason this new sixth age will also have a name fitting the theme of what is happening throughout. I have been wondering what this theme will be, but it is hard to predict.

You only know World War I was the first after there has been a second. In real life periods generally get named after the fact and with Gielinor it has been no different. However, since you read the title of this piece you know I predicted the name anyway and I will tell you the reasons why.

After doing the World Wakes quest our adventurer’s log tells us: "I witnessed the beginning of the sixth age, and became a world guardian to defend Gielinor against the gods."

This opened up several options, the first being 'The age of humans’, since we will fight the Gods, and I assume win. But we already have "The Age of Man" so that option is out.

The quote does suggest that our player character was at the center of things. We can now say "duh", since most of us (when playing a game) want to think we are the most important thing since sliced bread. Jagex nowadays seems to understand this and has placed us more and more in the center of the storyline. From a homeless, penniless bum with memory loss turning up in Lumbridge, to "the world guardian", our travels have mirrored the growth of Jagex lore which now has YOU in the center of it. Jagex also told us in the Behind the Scenes that with the coming HTML5 based RS3 we, the players, will get unprecedented choice in shaping the future. This assumes YOU will shape what is yet to come. It is not hard anymore, I think, to see where Jagex is going, hence my prediction:

The Sixth Age is the age of You

But, hang on, let us read the adventurer’s log again: "I witnessed the beginning of the sixth age, and became a world guardian to defend Gielinor against the gods."

We already made choices; a lot of us chose the side of Guthix, but others chose to join Saradomin or the Zarosian side during the awakening of the world... And still the log clearly makes the choice for us: we are going to do Guthix’s bidding and try to rid Gielinor of the gods!

Guthix may be dead, but he has gained massive support with most of the players voluntary joining his side and all the others being volunteered by Jagex’s conclusion. Meanwhile, this quest relegated Zamorak to the second tier. He joined the ranks of Bandos and Armadyl supplying cannon fodder for us to kill, without having anything to add to the story. With every loss comes a gain, and Zaros rose up to have his followers take center stage again, but not like Guthix.

The one who lost the most, also gained the most!
Guthix is dead, long live Guthix!

YOU are now walking around with his energy and some of his powers in you. I would not be surprised if the 'gentle' green giant got resurrected someday.

So... will the Sixth Age be the age of You, or will it actually become the Age of Guthix?

In the end it obviously depends mostly on Jagex. Will they—and can they—give us real choices, like they say they will? I for one am looking forward to the continuation of the story and new choices offered by HTML5, even though it will be littered with bugs.

Jagex surprised us nicely with the last quest; it was epic and full of promise. I enjoyed the new role where I was able to kick them in their proverbial behinds.

Every adventurer needs challenges and enemies. I still do not believe any RuneScape god will truly and definitively lose. But maybe, just maybe, someday...

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