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War of the Clans - Part 3

Written by and edited by Vezon Dash

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The three days passed remarkably quick for the members of both clans. The Looters gathered for the first time in many months, and the Lyrnorans spent much of the time training for combat. The small group of warriors hardened to the core had expanded to nearly 50 members. The two clans made for Edgeville, ready to fight to the death in the inhospitable terrain known as the Wilderness.

The two clans found themselves evenly matched, each with a handful of powerful adventurers, with both veterans and new members rounding out the ranks. Wildranger and GodPker stood face to face, staring each other down. Unbeknownst to the Looters, the Lyrnorans had a secret weapon. Many of those in the Lyrnorans were too low of an experience level to fight alone, so they organized into a pack. They would hunt for lone and wounded Looters and finish them off. Wildranger had placed this special group under the command of Captains Legulas and Md1990.

“Greetings Wildranger, I see you have met the requirements we set together. I am glad that no treachery has befallen us. You will soon see why we rule the Wilderness,” GodPker said confidently.

“You may have reason to be over-confident, but your pride may be your end. I give you one last chance. Stop the organized killings, and we will leave you in peace,” Wildranger replied gravely.

“I have told you before, and I will tell you again. We will fight you, whether it be in the Wilderness, the Duel Arena, or the Clan Wars. We will fight, and we will win," retorted GodPker.

“So be it." Turning to his fellows, Wildranger started to speak. "Clanmates, now is the time to fight. We will send these vermin scurrying back to the place from which they came. Let us return the Wilderness to its wild state; let no one clan rule the Wilderness!”

The Lyrnorans began chanting rallying war cries, as did the Looters. Swords beat against shields, the cacophony of sounds reaching as far as the Grand Exchange. The two clans rushed into the Wilderness, hacking and slashing as soon as they climbed over the wall. Mages on both sides cast spells and counterspells, trapping and freeing warriors that were foolish enough to be caught by the spells of the other clan.

The Lyrnorans had a plan, however, and soon it was put into action. A handful of the more powerful warriors remained under the command of Wildranger at the Wilderness wall. The rest ran north, further into the Wilderness, where the Lyrnorans could put their greater numbers to use. With the rest of the clan scattered throughout the Wilderness, Wildranger slowly pressed on into the barren wasteland of the to the north. The Looters now found themselves chasing lone Lyrnorans around the Wilderness.

“Come out, you cowards, and fight me! I rule the wild, and you cannot stop it!” GodPker yelled.

“Lord GodPker, we have Wildranger trapped in the Graveyard of Shadows,” one of the Looters reported.

“Is he dying yet?” GodPker inquired.

“No, he's putting up too much of a fight. Several Lyrnorans have joined him. PkerKing23 sent me for reinforcements.”

“Then let's head out then!”

GodPker gathered his clanmates and headed for the graveyard. The trap was sprung, and the Looters were caught in the net. As soon as the Looters reached the graveyard, Legulas and Md1990 led the 'Army of Noobs,' as it was called, to the entrance. Then, many other warriors from Lady Lyrnora appeared and entered the graveyard. Nearly the entire clan was there, opposed by just fifteen Looters.

“Do you surrender, GodPker?” Wildranger asked with a grin on his face.

“Never!” yelled GodPker as he charged Wildranger.

Battle commenced once more. A handful of Looters managed to find the Graveyard, but by the time they had, the Battle of Iron was over.

Lady Lyrnora had emerged as victor, thanks to their cunning plans and their greater numbers. They made the Wilderness just a bit safer, even though killers still prowl its dark and haunting shadows.

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