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Halloween King Black Dragon Slaughter!

King Black Dragon

As this is a special Halloween-themed event, we will go about things a little differently than normal.

Step 1: First off, we need to appropriately decorate the KBD's lair for Halloween. To start off we will all take at least 4 items that are dropped on death and head out to the KBD's lair. We will spread out around the lair and let him kill us, thus littering the floor with gravestones (the 4 items are so that we will drop at least one thing on death and thus create a gravestone - feel free to bring whatever junk you want as long as something will be dropped on death to create a gravestone). Optional: bring along an inventory of spooky items to drop all over the lair, such as bones, skulls, or pumpkins (if you have more gp than brains :P).

Step 2: After finishing the decorating, we need to put on our halloween costumes! Everyone should wear their favorite halloween outfit - be creative! Suggestions: zombie outfit from gravedigger random event, skeleton outfit from a past Halloween event (don't remember which year), ghostly robes, halloween masks, etc. There are so many options to choose from! Note: this time we're not going to die - we're going for revenge! Make sure you take a weapon, antifire shield, food, pots, etc. so that you can help slay the beast!

Step 3: Dressed in our holiday best, we'll head back into the lair to slay the KBD and hopefully get some loot, such as the new Dragon Rider Boots and Gloves, Dragon Kiteshield Ornament Kits, or just some old-fashioned Dragon Helms and maybe a Visage if we're lucky! Note that this event (as all TMHT events) is coinshare, so if we do get any of these drops their value will be split between us.

Event Details
Time & Date Saturday October 27th 2012 7:00PM GMT
Forum Topic http://forum.tip.it/topic/315102-special-halloween-event-kbd-sat-oct-27th-8pm-bst-7pm-gmt-3pm-edt/
World The world will be announced in the friends chat just before the start of the event.
Meeting Location At the start of the event we will gather just north of the Monestary West of Edgeville. We will be using the new teleport device by Edgeville to get to the KBD's lair. There are no requirements to use the teleport.
Hosts Komodo Jo

The King Black Dragon lair is located in the wilderness. If you are unable to use the teleport from Edgeville, you will have to travel through the wild and risk getting PKed. Only take items that you are willing to lose!

Chat Komodo Jo
Links Tip.It King Black Dragon Guide

A stab weapon is recommended to exploit the KBD's stab-weakness, such as a Chaotic rapier, Zamorakian spear, or Leaf-bladed sword. Melee set-ups should emphasise magic defence and prayer bonus and the Protect from Melee prayer should be used. Players using ranged should stand within melee distance and use the Protect from Melee prayer or stand at a distance and then don't need to use any prayer. Alternately Soulsplit can be used instead of protect prayers.

Inventory: Boosting potions, prayer potions, anti-fire potions, anti-poison potions, good food, special weapon, one-click teleport. Pretty much any familiars you want to bring can be used.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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