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Corporeal Beast Raid - November 25th

Corporeal Beast

The monster we will be fighting is the Corporeal beast! This boss is considered to be extremely HIGH RISK; however, its rewards are extremely profitable!

As this is our first event after the evolution of combat, we are not entirely sure about what gear to use. We have created some general guidelines, though.

* Magic appears to be fairly effective, so Ahrim's or Akrisae's robes are worth using.
* Make sure all of your gear belongs to one combat style. For example, don't wear some melee armor and the rest magic.
* Use your highest level spell, but don't bring more runes than you're willing to risk.
* Use food that corresponds to your constitution level. Don't use rocktails if you're a low level; likewise, high levels shouldn't use trout.
* We're not sure if damage from non-spear weapons is still halfed. Some beta testing has shown that it is not, but that may change.
* In general, prepare for the worst, don't risk more than you're willing to lose, and hope for the best.
* Regardless, we hope to have a fun event, and hopefully we'll get some nice drops too.

Event Details
Time & Date Sunday November 25th 2012 9:00PM GMT
Forum Topic http://forum.tip.it/topic/315657-corporeal-beast-sunday-november-25th-9-pm-gmt-4-pm-est/
World Will be decided just before the event starts.
Meeting Location We will meet in the second cave outside the Corporeal beast's lair.
Hosts Hedgehog ( RSN: Meredith )
  • You MUST have completed the Summers End quest.
  • If you melee, you MUST use a Zamorakian spear.
  • If you range, you MUST use Ruby bolts (e).
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a medium-high combat level, however it is not required.
Chat TMHT Mere
Links Tip.It Corporeal Beast Guide
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Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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