Ice Giant

Ice Giant
Race: Giant Level: 68 Hitpoints: 65 Ratio: 0.96
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Ice giant plateau in level 47 to 48 WildernessIce giant cave in the southern asgarnian penisula.In members ice mountian mine
Gold:   Min8 - Max750
Loot: Big bones, Black Kite shield, Mithril chain(very rare), Mithril Square shield, Mithril mace, Mithril short sword, Steel dagger, Steel hatchets, Steel short sword, Steel square shield, Iron 2-handed sword, Iron battle axe,Iron skirts,, Body runes (25), Mind runes (16-18), Nature runes (4), Death runes (2), Law runes (2), Water runes (8), Cosmic runes(3), limpwurt root, Mithril ore, Banana, wine(1), all uncut Gems, Half key, Grain
Notes: these guys guard 2 things in different areas in runescape.In the wild they guard cosmic runes.And in the ice gave they guard blurite ore.The best thing to do is sneak around the side.NEVER GO THROUGH THE MIDDLE!(unless you want to put your self out of your misery)By:punkman26
Credits: Undrtakr1, James1, Knight Travis, Socrestud01, Lord Perma, the jackal, NiTyLinC, The old Man,

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