RuneScape Classic Bestiary

The RuneScape Classic Bestiary (originally 'BEAST TIP') is a database of information about every monster in RSC.

Runescape Classic Bestiary Database
Level Monster Name Race Quest
245 King Black Dragon Dragon No
200 Black Dragon Dragon No
175 Black Demon Demon Yes
156 Black Demon Demon No
146 Black Knight Titan Giant Yes
140 Red Dragon Dragon No
122 Bouncer Animal Yes
114 Hellhound Animal No
110 Green Dragon Dragon Yes
109 Fire Giant Giant No
105 Blue Dragon Dragon No
103 Ice Queen Human Yes
100 Khazard Warlord Human Yes
96 Ogre Guard Giant No
95 Tree Spirit Undead Yes
87 Greater Demon Demon No
83 Hero Human No
79 Lesser Demon Demon No
78 Gorad Giant No
78 Ogre Cheiftain Giant No
76 Lord Darkquarius Human No
71 Pack Leader Animal No
71 Paladin Human No
70 Gnome Baller Gnome No
68 Ice Giant Giant No
66 Otherworldly Being Undead No
64 Ice Spider Aracnid No
64 Shadow Warrior Human No
64 Grey Wolf Animal No
63 Poison Spider Aracnid No
62 Undead One Undead Yes
62 Moss Giant Giant No
60 Jogre Giant No
59 Chaos Dwarf Dwarf No
58 Khazard Ogre Giant Yes
58 Sir Mordred Human Yes
58 Ogre Giant No
57 Ice Warrior Elemental No
56 Ogre citizen Giant No
56 White Knight Human No
56 Knight Human No
54 Skeleton with shield 54 Undead No
53 Shadow Spider Aracnid No
51 Jailer Human No
51 Renegade Knight Human No
51 Earth Warrior Elemental No
51 Colonel Radick Human No
50 Baby Blue Dragon Dragon No
48 Guard Dog Animal No
48 Spear Hobgoblin Goblin No

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