King Black Dragon

King Black Dragon
Race: Dragon Level: 245 Hitpoints: 247 Ratio: 1.01
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: You find this beast in the wilderness north of coal mining spot (level 8-10)Then you go directly north past chaos dwarves then when u hit level 41wilder, take a right till you a reach a gate with four lessers in it with aladder.
Gold:   Min0 - Max3000
Loot: Always: Dragon Bones, ARMOUR: Left half of the dragon shield, Dragon Medium Helmet, Adamantite Plate Mail Body, Rune legs, Rune Kite Shield, Rune square Shield, WEAPONS: Rune Spear, Rune 2 handed sword, Rune battle axe, Rune long sword, Rune hatchet, Adamantite hatchet, Mithril Battle axe, RUNES: 70 air runes, 10 blood runes, 70 fire runes, 5 death runes, 10 law runes, 45 law runes, 35 death runes, ITEMS: 310 Bronze - 690 iron arrows, Rune bar, Adamantite bar , 20 silver certs, 20 yew log certs, 20 iron ore certs, 20 coal certs, ruby amulet of strength, gems, Half key, oyster, 4 cooked shark, Dragonstone gem
Notes: Anti-Dragon Breath Shield Very helpfull !!
Credits: Marja.M, destructokil, wogfada69, Fluffy123, Eggy lord, killcanon, J-WAR, 935 dragger, XSuperNovaX, chrisguy, Swedemike, dockstader, Netdigger, sr8352 HS

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