Race: Animal Level: 114 Hitpoints: 60 Ratio: 0.53
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Taverly Dungeon ...There is also 1 in the members only area south of Camelot, in the area where you must mine the gold for the Family Crest quest.*West of Ardougne. Place where you find the place of spear hobgoblins. But you have to pull
Gold:   Min0 - Max125
Loot: Bones
Notes: - For Family Crest Quest, you can attack it again though so i don't flag it quest only.
Credits: L6vi, Snipe77, Bloodlust 9 and Killgen (Pic), Irish Wonder, Cazza03, Benbburton

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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