Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon
Race: Dragon Level: 105 Hitpoints: 110 Ratio: 1.05
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: Entrance to Members Dungeon & One blue dragon in also located on the bottom floor of heros guild.
Gold:   Min11 - Max210
Loot: Dragon Bones, Mithril Spear, rune daggers, steel male legs, herbs (usually guam), mithril battle axe, mithril hatchet, mithril kite, adamantite large helmet,Steel Battle axe, Cooked Bass (1 or 2), Adamantite ore, Law Runes (2), water runes (50), nature runes(10), Fire Runes (25), uncut gems, half key., Unconfirmed: Stell long (master crotr), Rune square,Adamite bar,Rune battle axe,
Notes: anti dragonbreath shield is VERY VERY helpful !!
Credits: L6vi, George pie, maverickacid, scorchman123, scorchman123, Zidanee, Greenminer, Yojox13y

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