Black Demon

Black Demon
Race: Demon Level: 156 Hitpoints: 126 Ratio: 0.81
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Members Dungeon.. edgeville dungeon by chronozon and the obelisk of earth, Wilderness Guarding entrance to Black Dragon King cave.
Gold:   Min10 - Max3000
Loot: WEAPONS: Rune Battle Axe: VERY Rare, Rune 2-H sword: VERY rare, Rune Long sword: rare, Black short sword: many, Black hatchet : many, steel battle axes: rare, ARMOR:Dragon Medium helmet (very rare), Rune chain body: few, Rune Medium Helmet: lots,Rune Kite shield: rare, Rune Square Shield: very rare, Mith kite shield: few, RUNES: Chaos runes: few (10), Fire runes: few (25) usually, Air runes: lots (50) usually (75) rare, Blood runes: many (5) always, Law runes: few (3) usually,, ITEMS: coal certs (20): (rare), Rune Bar(1): rare, Adam bar(1): many, Cooked Lobsters(2): few, herbs: often, Gems: few (all types), Half key: very rare, 300 bronze arrows: very rare, defense potion 3 dose: very rare, 20 Silver certificate: very rare, UNCONFIRMED: 30 law runes, 30 death runes (kukkaro), cut dragonstone (billmelater2)
Notes: As with all Demons it is alwas good to have your sword Silverlight near, it have effect of curse, weeken and so on .. It is enought to use it for FIRST hit then you can switch to your preffered weapon !!
Credits: L6vi, G?ran Jonsson, Vasiart, pkmojoe123, Eternalylonely, dragon434, mickcain, Sephiroth421, scorchman123, skone751, Eraserman, runiteshark, hell scythe2, Groovesan, holysocks21, some idiot, Furshilla, zodiacvoodoo,

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