Chaos Dwarf

Chaos Dwarf
Race: Dwarf Level: 59 Hitpoints: 59 Ratio: 1
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: Found in middle of Wilderness around lv 32 - 34.In the members Zamorack dungon near the lesser demons and posion scops
Gold:   Min1 - Max350
Loot: SPECIAL:Muddy Key, Mithril Long sword, Mithril Square shield, Large Steel Helmet, Iron Kite shield, Air runes (16), Nature runes (6), Cosmic (2), Law (2), Chaos (7), Death (2), Mind (25), Water (7), Coal (1 ore), Mithril bar (1), mithril (1 ore), cheese, tomatoes, Uncut Gems, Half Keys
Notes: They drop Muddy Key used to open chest in Lava labirint, chest contains 50 coins, mithril bar(1), mithril dagger(1), anchovie pizza(1), uncut ruby(1), chaos rune(10), death rune(2) and law rune(2).
Credits: Monitorman, WeatherMatt, Trifidkid, Don Le, Chalcedony, Mr hankey, Cramps, Designatedde, Gohan34, Warcraft82, Matthew, Mad-Schlumpf,

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