Greater Demon

Greater Demon
Race: Demon Level: 87 Hitpoints: 88 Ratio: 1.01
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Found in Deep Wilderness around lv 45 - 48 NE top house.also found in the underground room on the isle of Zamorach (Entrana)(right before you get to the tree spirits.)Greater Demons are also in underground part of lava maze on members ser
Gold:   Min10 - Max260
Loot: Rune 2 handed sword, Rune large helmets(1/128), rune square shield, Mithril Kites, Adamite legs, Steel large helmet, Steel battle axes, Steel hatchets, 10 thread, steel 2-H sword, gold bar (1), Fire Runes (25 or 50), Death runes (3), chaos runes (10), tuna(1 or 2), Uncut Gems, Half Key and ashes, Unconfirmed: .. , addy large, rune long sword form Ataz, addy two handed, Adamantite Legs Pyroteknics,
Notes: lesser demons and greater demons are weakened by the silverlight. it is like using the magic spells weaken, curse, and confuse. Best mode to use this sword is to hit it once in first round then swap to better weapon.
Credits: Bluflame, Buccaneer19, burn sabre, kngpin, auron854, nuking

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