Moss Giant

Moss Giant
Race: Giant Level: 62 Hitpoints: 60 Ratio: 0.97
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: End of Varrok sewer dungeonCrandor islandWilderness by the respawning chaos runesnorth of Ardougne near the sheep herder farm where there are 2 of them.ok west of karamja island (members) there is a small island with 4 respawning moss giants with hut in the middle that has cake and bed. they also drop herbs.. there is a tree swing u need to use to gain access to the island lvl 10 agility needed from kill man4
Gold:   Min10 - Max300
Loot: Always: BIG Bones, Armour: Mithril Square Shield, Steel kite shield Black Kite shield, Black square shield, Steel Medium helmet, Steel Kite shield, Steel square shield, Large iron helmet,, Weapons: Mithril 2h sword, Mithril short sword, fire staff, Magic staff , Steel Short Sword, Iron long sword, Bronze 2H sword,, Runes: Nature runes(4), Fire runes(10), Air Runes (12), Earth runes (18), Cosmic runes(2), Law runes(2-3), Chaos Runes(5), Death Runes(2), Blood Rune(1), Items: Brass necklace, Spinach roll(1) (strength bonus), Steel bar(1), Coal (1), all Uncut gems, Herbs, Half key
Credits: Flex 10, Rodrigo, Angelzapper00, gdx, maxamus 2000, sharkperson, Dandestroy, shroder2000, Dj Mkh, Longbowmen, Mcneelson, ethnic,Duo Jackass, Stian89 (pic), Ericb35 (pic), kill man4

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