Black Knight Titan

Black Knight Titan
Race: Giant Level: 146 Hitpoints: 100 Ratio: 0.68
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: Yes
Habitat: It is located in the members area of the 'Realm of the Fisher King' and isblocking a small bridge over the river. You need to kill him to get throughand into the area where the Fisher King's castle is.
Gold:   Min0 - Max
Loot: Big Bones everytime - nothing else.
Notes: It's for the holy grail quest and a tip that is important is that the Titan has to be finished off (the last hit made) with the Excalibur sword from the Merlin's Crystal quest otherwise you cannot cross over and the Titan will just respawn.
Credits: Dodge2k1, Moridin, Icpman222222

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