Black Dragon

Black Dragon
Race: Dragon Level: 200 Hitpoints: 194 Ratio: 0.97
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: End of Members Dungeon, they are also in wilderness dungeon at end of lava maze guarding a rock, probly a rune one
Gold:   Min16 - Max1200
Loot: Dragon Bones, Dragon medium helmet (extra rare)????, Rune Chain Male (extremly rare), Rune 2 handed sword(rare), Rune Kite Shield (extremly rare), Rune Square Shield(extremly rare), Rune legs (extremly rare), Rune Battle Axe, Rune Long Sword, Adamantite plate mail, Mithril axe, Mithril 2H sword, Mithril Battleaxes, Mithril Kite Shield, Mithril Square Shield, Black Hatchet, Rune bar(1), Silver certificate(1), Adamitite bars (1-2), Herbs, chocolate cake(1-2), law runes(3 or 30) death runes(3 or 30), fire runes(50), Air Runes(50), Blood runes(10), Half Key,
Notes: Anti-Dragon Breath Shield Very helpfull !!out of 25 dragons 8 dropped blood runes and 2 dropped key halves Tyrsbreath
Credits: L6vi, Ncat, mctavish, M Oldfield, Tyrsbreath, Coran Drake, Akira_ATF, Jakkeri, dragoon 787, FrosenFoison, julianx,

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