Skeleton with shield 54

Skeleton with shield 54
Race: Undead Level: 54 Hitpoints: 59 Ratio: 1.09
Aggressive: No Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: In front of Dragon Den door on Crondor Isle.In the low level members wilderness dungeon, near the black demons and red spiders.
Gold:   Min20 - Max65
Loot: Bones, mith dagger (rare), Steel short sword, Iron Kite, Iron Hatchets, Iron Scimitars, Medium Iron helm, Bronze chain mail, Bronze Long Sword,, law runes (1-2), cosmic (1-2), chaos(3-8), nature (8), mind (5-25), Air runes(10), Water runes (6), Herbs, Gems, Bronze bar,
Notes: They guard the Green Dragon's den for the final stage of the dragon slayer quest.
Credits: Zeroarmy, The Baconer, Jetrotic, RUNE100, Blood Fang, The "G" Masta, Joe 1 1, Vap137, Pees3434, anarchykid02, Strateg, midgetgiant, Mr Tarheel

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