Spear Hobgoblin

Spear Hobgoblin
Race: Goblin Level: 48 Hitpoints: 50 Ratio: 1.04
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: Yes Quest monster: No
Habitat: South west as possible from camelot. dungeon just east of Ardougne.
Gold:   Min10 - Max50
Loot: Bronze Spear, Iron Spear, Steel Spear, water runes(1), body rune(4), fire rune(5), cosmic rune(1), natures runes(3),law rune (1),chaos runes (2), goblin armor (1)(rare), limpwurt root(very common), steel long sword, All gems, half key, iron short sword, steel dagger, herbs, crossbow
Credits: Compaqkoci, R2keen2, Chrs, Sudoman, Chase609

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