Lesser Demon

Lesser Demon
Race: Demon Level: 79 Hitpoints: 77 Ratio: 0.97
Aggressive: Yes Retreats: No Quest monster: No
Habitat: Found in cave on Karajama Islelocked at top of the Wizard's Towerin Melzar's MazeWilderness top NE.In center of wilderness lava maze(Northwest wilderness, level 42)Isle of Crandor.
Gold:   Min10 - Max800
Loot: Ashes - always, QUEST: lesser demons that live in Melzar's Maze also drop black keys(1)., Rune Chain Mail(1/2000 or more), Rune Medium helmet, Mithril square shields, Mithril Chain Mails, Steel Scimitars, Steel hatchets, Steel Large helmet, Chaos runes (8), Death Rune (2), Fire runes (20 or 40 or 50), Gold Nugget (1), wine (1 or 2), herbs, all type of uncut gems, Half keys, UNCONFIRMED: Mithril and steel bars (Hobomo), Adamite Legs, black square shield(nathan1988), Iron Scimitars, rune kite shield (robann), blood runes(1)(MIKE), iron large (the sith)
Notes: The Silverlight: you need only use it for the first hit, then you can swap weapons as silverlight has no other special effects after the first blow. The first blow with the silverlight will cause the same effect as if you cast weaken, curse and confuse on the demon.
Credits: Dakilla, neo_wanna_b, Timber737, Ol' Dad, Jellest, Nilusk, 2Rkeen2, mob dog, ArchAngel, Vap137, The old Man, Irish Wonder,

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